"The First 30 Days Gluten Free" e-Book Now Widely Available

“The First 30 Days Gluten Free” e-Book Now Widely Available

We have all been there, in the middle of a celiac or non-celiac gluten sensitivity diagnosis and you wonder about how you’re going to make this new mandatory gluten-free lifestyle happen.  Here is what I remember about my experience with the steep learning curve regarding the gluten-free lifestyle:

  1. Printing a boat-load of lists and papers from the internet, putting them in a binder and trekking off to the store.
  2. Being stumped about hidden ingredients and why I couldn’t find the words “wheat, barley, rye,” or even “gluten” on any labels (which back in 2000 there wasn’t any kind of labeling law to list the top allergens like wheat)
  3. Trying to implement new gluten-free recipes in our house (many of which didn’t taste very good– which could have been “chef error”, or not the best recipe)
  4. Educating my immediate and extended family about celiac and my daughter’s new REQUIRED diet.
  5. Learning about cross contamination and eating out at restaurants!

I would have given just about anything back then to have a “Cliff’s Notes-esque” book that I could read quickly and get my 15-month-old daughter on the road to health right away.  That’s what The First 30 Days Gluten Free:  The Savvy Celiac’s Quick Guide to Starting your Gluten-Free Life Now is.  It is in e-book fashion and you can download it onto your iPad, Kindle, Nook, PC for free and bring it with you during grocery shopping trips if you need to. It is FREE!

The book was officially published back in August, but after a few updates since the International Celiac Disease Symposium last month, I just got word over the weekend that it finally was approved for iTunes download!

ebookoptions But I am so pleased to share that you can now get it on just about any device (see graph right). The book covers what celiac disease and a gluten-free diet are. Plus, you will learn more about gluten-containing ingredients and gluten-free ingredients plus how to read labels.  There are also sections about how to update your cooking habits and kitchen utensils, what to do with gluten-free kids at school and dining out/socializing on a gluten-free diet.  All of this is in a very tight read that could be done in an hour or an afternoon– depending on your reading style.

It is intended to be a first resource to get you started.  You can find MANY more comprehensive books on either celiac disease or the gluten-free diet, but this is meant to jumpstart your new lifestyle with the basic information you need now and how you implement it.

Please review the book once you are done with it and if you liked it, please share it with your friends and family who will need to learn about your new diagnosis and lifestyle so they know what you (or your child) can and cannot eat.


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