Amy Leger - The Savvy CeliacSuffering from undiagnosed celiac disease and then quickly adjusting to a gluten-free diet is no walk in the park whether you’re a child or an adult. Whether you need help now on a specific subject or you want to be well-educated about this major lifestyle change, The Savvy Celiac is all about empowering smart people to become savvy celiacs.  Now is the time to embrace the only treatment for this disease – the gluten-free diet.

My daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease at 15-months-old in 2000 and my brother was diagnosed in 2008 at the age of 40. Of course, the site is not just for those with celiac disease.  Folks with non-celiac gluten sensitivity also have to follow a strict gluten-free diet and can learn a lot from the information on The Savvy Celiac.  

As an Emmy Award-winning journalist with nearly 15 years of experience in television news, I look for ways to bring news in the gluten-free and celiac world straight to you in a relevant and valuable way.  On occasion I will share a personal story, but my goal is to educate people by combining the latest news with my experience, frustrations, and successes managing the gluten-free lifestyle in my home.

Whether you are a parent looking to help your celiac kids, or an adult with non-celiac gluten sensitivity, I hope you enjoy the information as well.

The Savvy Celiac can help you, your business, or class/group learn more:

  • Timely coverage of all things gluten-free and celiac-related on and on The Savvy Celiac Facebook page.
  • Read The First 30 Days Gluten Free, a free e-book, authored by Amy Leger, founder of It is a quick read to get you started on the right track to gluten-free success.
    Television Interview with KSTP-TV re: FDA Labeling

    Television Interview with KSTP-TV re: FDA Labeling

  • Read Amy’s articles in Gluten-Free Living Magazine!  As the Family Editor for GFL she writes valuable stories with information you can incorporate into your gluten-free family life.
  • Bring Amy in for her expertise to speak at your event or to teach a class.  She can talk about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet, including topics like FDA labeling, new research, gluten-free in schools, being gluten free over the holidays.  As a blogger since 2008, she can speak to that part of her work as well:  Launching & marketing your blog, social media and adding news value to your blog posts.
  • Amy has been on television and radio interviews talking about celiac disease and gluten-free diets.    Feel free to inquire about interviewing Amy regarding your gluten-free news story.
    Click here to hear Amy’s September 2013 interview on GFree Radio. Click here to see Amy’s television interview about FDA labeling in August 2013.
    Amy speaking at blogger conference in 2014

    Amy speaking at a blogger conference in 2014

  • Check out Amy’s one-on-one consulting on PopExpert.  Need some tips or want to talk on a specific gluten free subject, live via the internet?  Click here to sign up for a time on my page.
  • Consulting help to incorporate a gluten-free menu into your restaurant or lunchroom!  People who see “gluten free” on your menu expect that your organization is highly educated and will work hard to keep their food safe from gluten.  Knowing the cross contamination hazards, safe handling practices in the kitchen and an understanding about what gluten free means to people with celiac disease is very important!  I can help you make that change and put good practices into place.

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my family. Follow me on Twitter or find me on Linked In and Facebook!   Or email me directly at amy {at} thesavvyceliac(.)com.

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