Bakery on Main Gluten-Free Granola

Bakery on Main Gluten-Free Granola

One thing that’s been lacking in a the world of gluten-free is granola.  Now with the onset of gluten-free oats in the last few years, companies are coming out with their versions of granola, including Bakery on Main.

Now as I’ve warned before, I am a plain-Jane kind of eater, so when Bakery on Main sent me some samples of their bars and bags of granola I had to ask for help.  I turned to my co-workers.  They are all runners who can go for a healthy snack.  However, none of them are gluten-free.  So I reminded them to keep in mind when reviewing this, that this is for people who don’t have regular granola as a snack option.

The overall favorite was the Fiber Power Triple Berry Granola.  One person said it was “Great!”  Aside from letting that one person have a taste, I ate the whole bag.  I really liked it.  The berry inside (which is actually called an “antioxidant berry blend of raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and coconut oil”) added enough zing to keep the granola interesting.

The Apple Raisin Walnut Granola was given a “Good Solid B” by the taste-tester.  He wanted it to be more substantial, with less cereal filler (corn flakes are listed as the number one ingredient here).  Another person described the Nutty Cranberry Maple Granola as a “….good, healthy treat!”

The Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola Bar got a lukewarm reception.  My taste-tester here said he was neutral on it and he thought it “tasted a little stale”.

And finally I had one person try both the the Gluten-Free Extreme Fruit and Nut granola and bar.  She said “The bar was filling and tasted good! The granola I liked a little bit more…it had a nice mix and a sweet taste. Almost a captain crunch taste — which I love!”

The brand is definitely worth trying!  Overall it looks like Bakery on Main has done a good job of trying to bring a healthy gluten-free snack to us as an option.  And let’s be honest, there isn’t much like that out there that isn’t laden with fat and sugar. So you should watch for this at your local store, or order online!  It is worth a try.

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