On A Gluten-Free Journey

by | G+ Amy Leger

In about one week, I will be going gluten-free. I haven’t been diagnosed with celiac disease (at this point) and I’m not looking to go on a so-called “fad diet”. As you know, I have three celiacs in my life, I am writing thesavvyceliac.com blog and I am the organizer for our annual celiac fundraiser event. But I also live with migraines. I want to see if the diet benefits my health and my headaches, but also I think living in the shoes of my family members will help me be better educated about the diet.

But there are some ground rules and challenges for this January test:

No cheating!

Find fiber!

Test new recipes – this includes regular food, not just sweets!

It starts on January 5th once we get home from our road trip and will last for at least a month. I will blog along the way about what I learn during this time. It will be interesting for me as my birthday is in January so that will entail one or two nights out for dinner. I finally may challenge my favorite restaurant to a gluten-free meal; with a lot of legwork done ahead of time of course. I hopefully will get to treat myself to gluten-free pizza at a local restaurant.

One thing I am most interested in learning is whether it helps my health. I am on the road to recovery for my migraines, but I am wondering if there ever has been a gluten component to my headaches. With the new year coming, now’s just the kick in the pants I need to find out.

Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Good luck on this journey! I think you are smart to give it a try. My gluten-intolerance symptoms were not mainstream at all. No gastrointestinal issues at all. Mostly low energy, headaches, allergies and auto-immune diseases (yes, more than one!) It took me two months off of gluten before I noticed a difference, and six months to see what good health really felt like. Now, two-and-a-half years later, I would not eat gluten again for all the money in the world! I hope it works for your migraines, too.

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