Some news on the new gluten-free food front from Culver’s fast food chain and Eggo waffles.

culvers logoCulvers and Gluten Free

Fast-food restaurant chain Culver’s will be offering a gluten free bun by the end of the month.  The company says employees will warm the pre-wrapped Udi’s buns inside the package and serve them with the ButterBurger or grilled chicken separate to lower the risk of cross contamination.  The customer then assembles the burger themselves.

“Prior to introducing the gluten free bun in Culver’s restaurants, a regional system wide training was held to educate managers/owners about the product and how to manage it,” Katie Helscher, a public relations representative for Culver’s explained.

A press release says, “When some of our guests shared that they were unable to enjoy our signature ButterBurger because of gluten allergies, we had a responsibility to respond,” CEO and co-founder Craig Culver said.

There may be an upcharge for the bun, but Helscher said that amount could be different depending on the franchise.

As for other foods to compliment the burger or chicken, the fries come gluten free to the store, but they are cooked in oil that is shared with gluten-filled ingredients.  So if you are concerned about cross contamination, the fries are not good.

The chocolate and vanilla frozen custard is gluten free.  The allergen menu also reports their sundaes and some of the concrete mixers are  gluten free.  But with the concrete mixers you will need them to clean the mixer first to avoid cross contamination.

Eggos Gluten Free Waffles


Gluten free Eggos are making their way into stores right now.  Recently the company sent me a box of the original Eggos and the cinnamon Eggos to try.

So, Sunday morning when we had brunch, I warmed a few up for a taste test for me and my gluten-free daughter. The original version tasted really good.  I would never have known they were different from a regular frozen waffle.  Neither my daughter or I loved the cinnamon version all that much.  It may be just a taste preference though.

The box of the gluten free Eggos has 8 waffles, compared to most other Eggo waffles which have 10.  However, this is better than Van’s gluten free waffles which only carries 6 waffles per box, but Van’s are Non-GMO Project verified and are dairy and egg free.  So if you also have those sensitivities then you’ll probably want to stick with Vans.

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