Clockwise from top left: Emma volunteering in 2010, her chicken dinner at the fair, corn on the cob (photo courtesy MN State Fair), Vendor where we got the chicken dinner

The gluten free list of vendors at the Minnesota State Fair is so valuable it helps make the Great Minnesota Get Together even more fun, because we can get yummy food just like everyone else.  Last year’s list boasted turkey legs, tacos, hot dogs, brownies and more for the gluten-free community!

That’s huge in comparison to the first year we took Emma after her celiac diagnosis (she was probably 3?), I only allowed her to get corn on the cob and french fries (from the place that makes only french fries on-site).   

The MN State Fair gluten free food list is actually a relatively new creation and fabulous idea by the Northland Celiac Support Group.  I highlighted it a few times on my website over the past few years.  In fact we used the list one year when we volunteered at the Gluten-Free information booth in the HealthFair11 building in 2010. 

Over the years, thousands of people have downloaded/printed or picked up the list to use during their State Fair adventure. 

So when the news came out that the Northland group disbanded in January, the big question that remained was, What will happen to the State Fair gluten free food list?  I am excited to announce that The Savvy Celiac is partnering with Twin Cities ROCK and the  Celiac Center of Minnesota to make it happen in 2014!  

(Editor note: If you are looking for another state fair’s gluten free list click here.)

How you can help

My partner in this endeavor, Julie Salato, executive director of the Celiac Center of Minnesota, and I have the list covered.  We are currently working with the State Fair on this.  New list will be available in August.

But this exciting opportunity means we are also manning the booth (located inside the Heathfair11 Building on the State Fairgrounds) for all 12 days of the Minnesota State Fair, which this year happens between August 21- September 1st.  And we need YOUR help!  

We are looking for volunteers to fill as many as 150 slots over the State Fair to help us deliver the gluten-free message to folks who stop by.  Volunteers will be educating people, running games and handing out some prizes during their 3 hour shift each day.  Click here to sign up and see available shifts.

What do you get when you volunteer for the State Fair gluten free booth?

  1. FREE  entry into the State Fair!  Volunteer first then enjoy the rest of your day at the fair!
  2. FREE t-shirt to all volunteers
  3. Name thrown into a hat for a daily volunteer prize!

I know the kids are hardly out of school yet, and here I am talking about the State Fair — yeah sorry about that.  But we need these next few weeks to really ramp up the volunteer numbers.  

With more than an estimated 60,000 who come through the HealthFair11 booth each year, this is fantastic opportunity to educate Minnesotans about the gluten-free diet and gluten-related disorders including celiac disease.  Plus we can share with them the wealth of resources we have right here in our great state.

Who’s with me? Click here and sign up to volunteer!

If you have questions about the State Fair, email me at amy {at} thesavvyceliac(.)com.  We can only do this with your help.  PLEASE share this information with your gluten-free friends via email and social media to spread the word!

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2 Responses to “New Partnership Takes On MN State Fair Gluten Free Food List; Booth Volunteers Needed”

  1. Hello! I found this post while I was looking for the 2014 list. This is fantastic news!

    I’ve been making a google map out of their list for the last few years, to make it easier for people to see what we can eat in each part of the fair. I’d love to update it for 2014. Do you know where I can find the new list?,-93.16638&spn=0.013387,0.027981

  2. I posted it last week on my website and there is a perma link on the right side, just scroll down and you’ll find it. It can also be found at and

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