Gluten Free Vacation: SCUBA Dive Trips

by | G+ Amy Leger
CoCo View's Dining Room (which is a lot like a club house- fun!)

CoCo View’s Dining Room (which is a lot like a club house- fun!)

I am in the middle of paradise. Just after Thanksgiving wrapped up, my husband and I took off for Roatan, an island off Honduras, for a scuba diving trip. Now before you say to yourself, I didn’t know Amy was a scuba diver, I am not. We’ll technically I am, but it really is not for me. So I left 20 degree weather in Minnesota to come with my husband to support his diving habit, soak up some sun and relax for a week.

We are staying at CoCoView Resort in Roatan. It is a resort geared toward the scuba diving experience. I feel like it is an adult campground: rustic, a mess hall/club house with ping pong, pool, board games, a bar and more. Then many different places to stay like cabanas over the water.

Cabanas over the water

Cabanas over the water


Playing Ping Pong








Gluten Free food options

Gluten Free food options


Now as you know, my daughter has celiac disease, I do not. Since she is not here, I have not worried about the food. But when I came down for breakfast this morning, I saw a plastic cereal container with the gluten-free Rice Krispies box logo taped on it.

Hmm. It got me thinking about their gluten free options. A note of caution, I do worry about those reusable containers (like bulk containers at grocery stores) being reused between gluten free and gluten containing ingredients without being washed, so that is a inquiry you should always make. In this case I asked the employees if the Rice Krispies were really the gluten free kind, and I was assured they were.

Later during a resort orientation, I met the managers of CoCoView and inquired further about their gluten free accommodations. Deb Karlson, co-manager, said on average they feed one gluten free person a week. Wow!  Each meal has consisted of a protein (last night shrimp and chicken), rice and a vegetable, all of which looked like they could most easily have been gluten free.  They really weren’t messed with that much.  But again, it is always good to the cooks or managers at your particular resort to confirm.

There are other places to try as well. Shirley at Gluten Free Easily posted a review about her experience eating at Little Cayman Beach Resort. Plus, a quick search on and I viewed several more reviews that hailed the chefs and their gluten free accommodations.

As always I recommend a email or phone call to the resort to arrange gluten free meals because you don’t want to go out of the country only to not be able to eat.

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