Years ago, if I would have heard that Dunkin Donuts had gluten free treats for my daughter I would have flipped!  Now, 12 years later, we have survived just fine with having Kinnikinnick donuts as an occasional treat.  Now comes news that  Dunkin Donuts is test marketing gluten free donuts and muffins in Boston and Miami.  So while this news doesn’t feel completely ground breaking (like when Kinnikinnick introduced its donuts years ago), it is good to know that these treats could soon be widely available if we want a treat.

In a photo released in an ABC News article about the subject, it shows they are pre-wrapped — which significantly lowers the risk of cross contamination in a place where gluten is everywhere.   The Huffington Post quotes the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness as saying they are “dangerously delicious”.   The move is definitely exciting for us, especially that it is being produced and tested with celiac folks in mind.  The Miami franchise owner  quoted in the ABC News article said he started working on the products after his son was diagnosed with celiac a few years ago.

But the reality for all of us (celiac or not) is that  all donuts are to be eaten in moderation.  Even though these new treats from Dunkin Donuts are gluten free, it doesn’t necessarily make them good for us. While many of us understand that…others may not.  In my opinion, that should be the “takeaway” from this article — especially for people who are only eating gluten free as a trend diet for possible weight loss.  Industry analysts quoted in Food and Business News say gluten free continues to be on-trend for 2013.  So with more people doing the diet, I believe a reminder is necessary — not all gluten free foods are created equal.  Some are healthier than others– you just have to pick the right foods and eat treats in moderation.

In fact, Jimmy Fallon did a great and very quick bit on this very issue Wednesday night in his monologue.  The entire monologue is only 3 minutes and 48 seconds, but if you’re searching for the joke, it is around 3 minutes and 20 seconds.  Click here to see Late Night with  Jimmy Fallon’s monologue from January 2, 2013.

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