Red Robin Gluten Free Experience

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*(Post updated 3/6/2014)

We had a busy weekend with soccer and found ourselves at dinner time and HUNGRY!  I had been telling my husband I was hearing good things about Red Robin and gluten free buns and french fries. So we took the next exit and we were there!

Gluten Free Bun at Red Robin

Gluten Free Red Robin Bacon Cheeseburger

Emma ordered a bacon cheeseburger off the gluten free menu.  They asked if she wanted the gluten free bun and she said yes.

When she bit into it, she was in heaven.  She literally was doing a happy dance in her seat while she was eating. “This bun is REALLY good,” she said.  I think it was even made better by the fact that she, for the first time, had bacon on her cheeseburger.  Doesn’t everything taste better with bacon?

I can report to you the bun was from French Meadow Bakery in Eagan, MN.  Just look at the photo.  It looks like the perfect burger doesn’t it?  You wouldn’t have a clue this is gluten free.  Good job guys!

Red Robin French Fries

The french fries that come with the meal are a thicker steak fry.  During our first trip there, our waitress said their fryers weren’t dedicated gluten free (as you can see from the comments posted below).  But that has since changed.  As of 2014, Red Robin states on its Interactive Allergen Menu that they have a dedicated fryer for gluten free fries in their restaurants.

I think it is always worth double checking on the dedicated fryer — JUST IN CASE.  Also, check on the seasoning for the fries to make sure it is safe.  It never hurts to ask.

 Emma doesn’t really care for those thick fries and usually has a caesar salad (no croutons) as her side.

I also saw on their allergen menu that the sweet potato fries, when cooked in the dedicated fryer, are also gluten free.  I have never asked about this in the restaurant.

According to the company press kit, Red Robin had 464 locations across the country as of 2011.  So if you’re traveling it might be a good option to seek out!


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37 Responses to “Red Robin Gluten Free Experience”

  1. Thanks for the heads up. We don’t eat out often {maybe I’m still in control freak mode, having just switched over to GF in the past year}…When I’ve tried Red Robin near us, they’ve been really good about no croutons/no garlic bread with the cobb salad, my usual.

    Occasionally, I’ll try a chicken breast sandwich sans bun, sometimes with the lettuce wrap, sometimes without & fruit on the side. Great to hear we might be able to enjoy the fries there from time to time!


  2. I live in Utah, and I talked to all of the general managers of the Utah locations and they all have dedicated fryers for the frys, and all careful about cross contamination. Hopefully your Red Robin will catch on!

  3. Was this the Red Robin in Shoreview off Lexington & 694? I’ve asked about the fries there several times – and gotten different answers every time, which is never encouraging. Sometimes it’s, Yes, the fryer is dedicated, sometimes, No, it’s not, and once, It’s usually dedicated, but sometimes not, but just got fresh oil this morning and so far has only been used for fries.

    Makes love Mad Jacks in Vadnais Heights just that much more!

  4. I live in Baltimore and my husband and I frequent Red Robin. Since going GF, I stick with the lettuce wrapped burger and fries without seasoning salt (the salt has gluten in it). I’ll be pleasantly surprised if they now have a bun too! I do however ‘feel’ better about the fries if my burger is wrapped in lettuce. Enjoy! Monica

  5. Yes! Gluten Free buns are now available nationwide, and we’re pleased that Emma approves.

    Red Robin… YUMMM!

    Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

  6. Yes Beth, This was the one in Shoreview, MN. We enjoy Mad Jacks, but this burger and bun was way better in Emma’s world.

  7. When I was down in the US visiting my mom earlier this month we went to a Red Robin and I had the bacon burger. It was so good! It is always nice to make a gluten-free discovery like this!

  8. I ate there last night. I am GF, but not Celiac, so I had the fries, as I can tolerate such a level of cross-contamination. My RR does not have GF buns, but I was able to have my burger wrapped in lettuce. I got two good, concave portions of iceberg lettuce which held everything together fairly well. It was slightly messy, but very satisfying. I am in northern VA.

  9. Our Red Robins have dedicated fryers and Udi’s buns. It’s a go-to place for us, for sure.

    Good to know when we travel to be careful about the fryers, though, and always ask if it is dedicated.

  10. Your blog is now featured on our website! Check it out under the “Burger Hub” section.

    Red Robin… YUMMM!

    Red Robin

  11. Thanks!!

  12. Izadora Martinez
    May 5th, 2012 at 12:32 pm

    I literally cried years of joy after reading your review! A Bun? Heaven! Then called my only RR in Austin, TX and they do not have the buns…I cried tears of frustration and sadness. However knowing I can have fries Gluten Free made up for it! I enjoy your dedication to menus and where to go! You are bookmarked in my iPhone and home computer! Thank you.

  13. I ate at the Edwardsville, IL Red Robin last evening – was thrilled to see the gluten free bun on the menu – it was delicious – I had it with the grilled chicken – fries were fine for me – very nice to have a bun with my sandwich!

  14. This is wonderful! I just called my local RR (Towson, MD) and they do have GF buns, although they do not have a dedicated fryer. Fantastic. It’ll be so nice to sit down and eat a burger just like a “normal” person.

  15. I live in Medford Oregon and they actually have a fryer that is dedicated only to gluten free french fries. I was pretty stoked for this. I dont have any allergy but both my kids do. I eat gluten free with them though and I can confirm the gluten free bun is DELICIOUS. Props to Red Robin for updating their menu for this allergy

  16. omg am dancing at red robin in hnd,nv….was able to have gluten free burger with fry’s (designated fryer)~~~yellow basket gf, red basket regular.

    I wanted to do a jig on the table as my family was cheering because I could be normal in a restaurant !!!! kudos red robin..
    or was I dancing because the waiter was so handsome, informed, and made our meal so successful. thnx’s eric. I am moving in to red robin ha-ha.

  17. When I found out why I was so sick and realized my favorite food,the cheeseburger, was a thing of the past, it was a sad, sad day. I made myself content with the lettuce wrapped offerings from red robin, because they were as close as I was going to get, I thought! Well let me tell you, I am 46 and I was doing a loud, laughing, happy dance too when I finally bit into my first bacon cheeseburger with a really delicious bun in a long time! Kudos to you Red Robin!

  18. I went to Red Robin about a week ago and got the gluten free burger and was told the fries were gluten free as well (&I asked for no seasoning) but I was sick as a dog for 3 days after eating there. So be careful if you cannot have contamination.

  19. Tonight I had something that I’ve been CRAVING since going gluten-free–a bacon cheeseburger on a GF BUN! It was so great and tasted and had the texture of a gluten bun, so much that I actually had to confirm it with the manager that it was actually GF! I will absolutely be back next time the bacon cheeseburger urge strikes!

  20. Yes, be extra cautious of the fries. I recently discovered that this weekend after sampling Red Robin’s gluten free menu and ended up in a relapse.

    The waitress was very accommodating with my order and even came back to the table to let me know that the guacamole that came with my burger was not gluten free and offered to substitute avocado which I happily accepted. Both the fries and the burger were excellent! But I found out the hard way the fries are a gamble I am no longer willing to take.

  21. It’d be great if Red Robin mentioned that they offered a gluten free bun on their official gluten-free menu.

  22. Interesting. As we all know dining out is always a risk because we are not making the food ourselves. We have never had a problem with the fries. But then again, if they mistakenly don’t request them as gluten free, we may never know that they contain gluten because it’s not obvious.
    It is possible the seasoning salt they put on the traditional fries is not gf, and that would be a good way to question any gf fries that come your way.

  23. I like that they have yellow plates for the gluten free orders while everyone else has red. Makes me feel like people in the kitchen won’t make as many mistakes because of the color difference.

  24. Hi Amy,
    We went to RR for the first time a few weeks ago as well. Thankfully ours had a dedicated fryer and we enjoyed both steak fries and sweet potato fries. The burger buns were fabulous, too. We’ll be going back as well, and are happy to have another restaurant option.
    Take care,

  25. Our Red Robin has a separate fryer for the fries and is very cautious to make sure all items are gluten free. It takes a little longer to get your food, but that’s all right with me since I can get my hamburger fix!!

  26. I have been reading your blog for quite awhile and have never commented, but I had to comment on this. My husband and I actually stumbled into one of our local Red Robin’s just before Christmas. We were Christmas shopping and he said we should stop and check if they had a GF menu. I can say I was shocked when they said yes. I loved the GF bun so much on my frist trip that each time I’ve been back (three more times since then) that I have asked for extra buns to take home. They gladly provide them still wrapped in their original plastic wrap from French Meadow. At our local place they are about $1 each. They remind me of the rolls I used to get at Chinese restrurants. Heat in the microwave for about 10-15 sec. and its a great treat!

  27. Thank you Kristina for commenting now! It is good for folks to see other people’s perspectives too. Glad yours has been good!

  28. Another great place for gluten free buns is The Counter! We have one nearby (VA) and have loved it.

  29. Yes! We had great luck there at the Miami Airport!!

  30. got sick at the one in west des moines….and they can’t salt the fries? should have gone up to Ames to Hickory Park. Love their GF menu, it’s huge!

  31. When we went to Red Robin in Fredericksburg, VA and asked for GF menue was told we don’t have one, you need to go online and look at it. 🙁

  32. We had that same experience recently in MN at one location. The server gave us a card and told us to look it up on our phones. I thought that was weird. We have been there a number of times though and more recently the last time my daughter didn’t even look or ask for a menu, she just ordered.

  33. I have celiac disease and I had two bad experiences at their Oakbrook, IL location. The first time the server told me the French fries were safe, they were not and I was glutened and sick for two weeks. The second time I was served a gluten free sandwhich with several croutons shoved underneath the bun. Will not be returning and I do not recommend for those with celiac disease. It seems they do offer gluten free food, but their staff lacks the proper training required to properly serve it. I’ll be sticking PF Changs and Da Luciano’s which are the gold standard for gluten free dining.

  34. I’m so confused by their allergen app. If you put in a wheat & gluten allergy you don’t get the option for any fries at all. They only come up if you select Gluten allergy only. I had to go back and check at home because after eating there last night I’ve been miserable. 🙁 I’m not sure if it was an accidental cross contamination or what. My ticket did come out with the allergy alert on it though so the staff knew. Not sure I want to take that chance again! I’ve had better luck with Five Guys for my burger fix. I prefer a bunless burger anyway. I just miss my fries! They only fry fresh potato fries so no cross contamination risk to the fryers!

  35. I would recommend emailing them with your bad experience. I think they should know about your confusion with the app and what has happened to you since. It can’t hurt! 🙂 My Emma loves Five Guys as well!

  36. Red Robin is great in Des Moines, Iowa! They have a deticated fryer for the fries. The first time I ordered the GF bun for myself and my girls, I bit it to it and immediately stopped my girls in fear that it was not gluten free. It was so good! The manager proceeded to give me the info. I gave the info to our school lunch manager, my girls now get them at school!!! Awesome!

  37. Udi’s gluten free buns are the best!

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