Lots of interesting little rumblings going on in the gluten-free community that may not have reached mammoth headline proportions like the Colorado Chef Drama this week.  They are worth taking note of — The trial is underway for Paul Seelig — the man who allegedly sold gluteny bread and called it gluten-free.  Plus The Celiac Disease Foundation has a big sponsor and Elisabeth Hasselbeck ties up her laces to raise celiac awareness.

“Gluten Free Fraud” Trial Underway

Did a North Carolina man dupe the gluten-free community into eating his gluteny bread or is he just a victim like everyone else?  That’s the debate going on in a North Carolina Courtroom this week.  Paul Seelig was charged in 2010 with committing fraud when he allegedly used regular flour to make and then sell gluten-free bread.

According to the News Observer, early in the trial, the prosecuting attorney said more than two dozen people became sick from his bread.  The defense says Seelig was lied to by his supplier. His attorney said Seelig was making the bread in good faith and trying to help the gluten free community, which Seelig, himself, is a part of.

The News Observer says Seelig himself will take the stand — as a result, prosecutors can bring to light his previous convictions of grand theft and wire fraud.  According to WRAL.com, Thursday a witness took the stand explaining how sick his wife got after eating the bread, “She was rolling on the floor writhing in pain and threw up for hours,” Jonathan Mull said during his testimony.  The case will be interesting to keep up on (I WISH I was in that courtroom).

Cream of Rice Sponsors Celiac Disease Foundation

New this week is the announcement that Cream of Rice will be sponsoring the Celiac Disease Foundation.  The news release says “We have always supported the mission of the Celiac Disease Foundation, so entering into this sponsorship to formally recognize our support is a natural next step for us,” explained Jordan Greenberg, VP marketing for B&G Foods. “We know that living with gluten sensitivities can make finding diet-friendly food options challenging, and we’re happy to team up with the CDF to bring awareness and options to those who need it.”

I have noticed that Cream of Rice has said it is gluten free on its box for some time now, which is always a step in the right direction.  CDF says it’s “…thrilled to add Cream of Rice to the roster of supporting partners…”

Running for Celiac Awareness

Elisabeth Hasselbeck from “The View” is hosting this Sunday’s  Half-Marathon in Central Park. She is running to raise amoney for celiac research.  According to the New York Post, she “…will be joined by US Surgeon General Vice Admiral Dr. Regina Benjamin, among others.”

Any of us can run and raise money for celiac disease my joining forces with Team Gluten Free.  I have not used this organization yet, but it appears to be a way to raise awareness and money for your cause when you do any event.  I do not know that Hasselbeck is doing this. I  just wanted to make sure you all knew about it. Click here for information on Team Gluten Free.

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