After a celiac or gluten sensitivity diagnosis it’s easy be frustrated with so many things:  what gluten-free IS… is the diet WORKING…the TASTE & TEXTURE of some food… and the COST!  But there will come a time when you are getting the hang of it all.  Here are just some of the signs you know you’re getting used to being gluten free:

6. You go to to the grocery store with someone and they’re the ones shocked by the gluten free prices.

You blow it off and say “It’s all relative.  $5.00 is actually a great deal for my really small loaf of bread! I’d better buy two!”

5.  You don’t break out into a sweat after when you enter a restaurant: worried about explaining the gluten-free diet to the server, then the manager, then the cook — thus, holding up the entire ordering process.

If a restaurant can’t prepare your meal, then you’re confident enough to leave.

4.   You always come prepared to the potluck with gluten-free brownies!

(They’re always the ones that go first by they way!)

3.  Upon reading labels you can explain that Whey isn’t Wheat and Monosodium Glutamate isn’t Gluten!

(Whey:  “the watery liquid that separates from the curd when the milk is clotted, as in making cheese” – The Free Dictionary Monosodium Glutamate: “a white crystalline substance, the sodium salt of glutamic acid” The Free Dictionary

2. Your celiac symptoms are subsiding!

Fewer, or an end to, headaches, frequent trips to the bathroom, brain fog, anemia, naps, irritability and more! Yay to a healthier life!

1. You can whip up your good old favorite recipe, with gluten free ingredients in no time — and everyone loves it!

I know there are more! So many great things eventually come out of  going gluten free for celiac disease or gluten sensitivities!  Please add yours below in our comment field!

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5 Responses to “Top Signs You’re Getting the Hang of Gluten Free!”

  1. You forget what your favorite pale ale microbrews used to taste like after drinking Redbridge for so long….

    You stop buying so many prepackaged foods, since you now know how to make healthier alternatives…

    You actually think your own GF baked goods taste way better than any of the regular versions you remember from way back when…

  2. Very funny and very true!

    Oh, and the little white lie “I’m allergic to bread” rolls off your lips so smoothly (because its so much easier to explain than celiac disease)

  3. Great list Amy! Yes, $5 is the best price for Udi’s bread in my area! However, I still feel bad holding up the line at Chipotle when I ask them to change gloves.

    How about:
    You know gluten-free products actually taste good! (I think that is the biggest surprise to many.)

  4. Great feedback everyone! I just really like the idea of letting people know, even with the list like this, that you will actually get to this point. For some it may take longer than others, but you won’t feel lost forever!

  5. love the list. I pretty much have the hang of GF but my problem is I am also super sensitive to MSG and it is in so many foods under other names, ie. natural flavorings, autolyzed yeast and on and on that that has become the real challenge for me. I look forward to the day when MSG is also as easily ascertained as gluten mostly is. I am still frustrated by having to make my own ice cream because of stabalizers and most all GF baked goods have xanthium gum which is also a form of MSG.

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