I am proud of my state of Minnesota.  Besides being known for Prince, the Mall of America and the Mayo Clinic, we are busily putting out some really good gluten-free products that you may  be eating right now. If not, maybe this post will let you know about some new products you should try.

General Mills Gluten Free

Okay, the biggie of course is General Mills and Betty Crocker.  Those companies are single-handedly changing the tide of mainstream gluten-free foods.  They say they now have over 300 gluten-free products– with the newest coming from Bisquick, Hamburger Helper and Progresso soup.  They even have launched a gluten-free friendly website to support their mission.

French Meadow Bakery Adds Gluten Free Items

French Meadow Bakery is offering a few gluten-free options now and actually just announced in a news release on Monday one new product and one reformulated product.  The company is adding a gluten-free tortilla to the selection of products.  This product is made of rice and tapioca.  The news release says it comes in a package of six for about $4.99.  The fudge brownies were reformulated for “improved taste and texture” according to the news release.

The company’s website, which in general is extremely lacking in the product information area unfortunately, but it does have a page where you can search for the nearest grocery store to find their products.  I hope they’ve rectified the oversight of not bringing any of their gluten-free products to their restaurant at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Click here to get access to French Meadow coupons.

Two Companies Creating Gluten Free Mixes

Beyond the Grain is another company that’s relatively new to the fray.  They are based in the Twin Cities area and make baking mixes.  They were very popular at our Walk/Run for Celiac Disease fundraiser in 2010.  Their products are found mostly in Minnesota and Wisconsin stores, but you can also order them online and have them shipped.

Black Barn Bakery is a new company on the block as well.  They are in the southwestern part of the Twin Cities.  You can also order their mixes online as well.  They have donut, bread and other mixes for sweet treats. Right now if you sign up for the newsletter you will get $1.00 off your next purchase.

Gluten Free Bakery

And finally the Twin Cities’ lone gluten-free bakery:  Bittersweet Bakery.  They have goodies in some of the area health food store locations plus their store front in Eagan.  This month they have a deal if you come in for a purchase you get a hot beverage and gluten-free cookie for free.

My focus was not on restaurants in this post, but if you have another gluten-free company in Minnesota, please feel free to comment below!  To everyone else — enjoy being gluten free Minnesota style!!

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3 Responses to “Minnesota Companies Churn Out Yummy Gluten Free Products”

  1. I am the Sales and Marketing person for Gourmet Parlor Pizza, a Central Minnesota manufacturer of Gluten-Free Pizza.
    I would like to introduce a SUPER SAVINGS on our 8″ Gluten Free Crusts now through the end of April.

    We now have available our 8″ Gluten Free crust in quantities of 6, 12 or case lots of 32.


    We also have the following 8″ Gluten Free Pizzas:

  2. Mad Jack

  3. I tried the French Meadow gluten free Pizza crust and it was really good.
    Pizza Luce also has a good gluten free menu and there is a gluten free bakery called Cooqi in St. Paul, right across the Lake St./Marshall Ave. bridge.

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