The little gluten-free things involve food allergies, plus  an update on that guy from North Carolina charged with making regular bread and calling it gluten-free, also there’s a good (and formidable) gluten-free listing from Marzetti!

New Guidelines for Clinicians about Treating Food Allergies

Take a peek this is pretty big news about treating food allergies, plus interaction between doctors and patients/parents about a food allergy diagnosis. It does not cover celiac disease — but the Guideline FAQ covers the fact that the Guidelines don’t cover celiac disease (if that makes sense),

“The guidelines do not address celiac disease. Although celiac disease is an important immunologic, non-IgE-mediated reaction to food, it is not discussed in detail because clinical guidelines for celiac disease have been previously published and were not re-evaluated in this project.”

But that’s okay.  This is an important topic.  The FAQ sent readers to good sources for celiac disease.  Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network quickly endorsed the guidelines,  “I’m particularly glad the seriousness of food allergies is conveyed in the guidelines. Awareness of food allergies is an important part of FAAN’s mission, and we work tirelessly to educate the public about the seriousness of this condition.”said Julia Bradsher, CEO of FAAN.

So what’s the takeaway for patients?  The guidelines provide that too under  What’s in it for Patients?

New Charges Land Gluten-Free Baker in Jail

Paul Seelig, former gluten-free baker who is accused of selling gluten FILLED bread and tagging them as gluten-free went back to jail last week.  Seelig is in North Carolina and had been charged last year with 6 counts of obtaining property by false pretenses.  Now you can another 19 counts of the same charge to his accusations. According to the NewsObserver which published the story and his arrest mug shot, this happened last Thursday and he was ordered to jail and is being held in lieu of $1.5 Million dollars bail!

Hasselbeck off the hook on GF Book Case

A quick note that TMZ is reporting the judge threw out the copyright infringement case against Elisabeth Hasselbeck.  It was dismissed last Friday after a recent refiling of the suit by author Susan Hassett.  Hassett claimed Hasselbeck’s best selling book “The G-Free Diet” violated the copyright on her own book “Living with Celiac Disease.” After looking at the refiling Friday,  the judge said there wasn’t enough evidence and threw it out once again.

New Gluten-Free Search Engine is a new search engine for any gluten-free-related question you may have.  It’s worth a quick “look-see”.  I had luck when I was searching for some celiac information for a friend there yesterday.

Marzetti’s Gluten-Free Listing

Maybe this list has been out for a while and I missed it, so this could go into the “It’s New to Me” file:  But Marzetti has a bountiful gluten-free listing of it’s products.  From salad dressing to slaw dressing to caramel dipping sauce!

Just last night I opened a bottle of Caesar Dressing I’d been holding onto — unopened–  since about August. Emma was fond of a Caesar salad she had at a restaurant and I wanted to try it out at home. I knew I could not buy a simple , cheap dressing so I picked up Cardini’s Original Caesar Salad Dressing.  I opened it this week, tossed it in a salad and made homemade gluten free croutons!  Apparently it was so yummy, Emma, my non-salad eating gluten-free daughter fought for the last crouton and cleaned up the salad bowl.

P.S. my croutons were made of homemade gluten-free bread, cut into cubes and tossed in olive oil and garlic salt.  I baked in 275 degree oven for 10 minutes and then I broiled them a bit to crisp them up.  Nothing fancy at all.  I thought they could use a little more garlic flavor, but the girls sure liked them as is.

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  1. Full of great news! I am especially pleased to see the list from Marzetti’s! Like Emma, I love a good Caeser (with chicken) and I really love Girard’s Caesar dressing. LIke yourself, I am very willing to make anything from scratch but, for many reasons, including the GF croutons, I sure miss Cooqi! Thanks for the great news and links all around!

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