Review: Udi’s Bagels & Muffins

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Udi's Plain Bagels

Udi’s Gluten-Free my daughter is in love with your products!  That is what we learned after the company sent me a few food items to try and report on in this blog. This recent donation included plain bagels and chocolate-chocolate chip muffins!

Udi’s Bagels:

Emma has tried a few different gluten-free bagels:  Trader Joe’s — too much like a brick.  Against the Grain — too cheesy (but I liked them).  But once she sunk her teeth into a toasted Udi’s bagel she was hooked.  She finally understood why people eat them: their crusty outside and chewy inside was perfect for her.  Emma is picky. She only likes the bread I make for her.  So this is kind of a big deal.

The bagels worked great as a bread with a meal, with breakfast or even toasted and then placed in aluminum foil  for a cold lunch.  But you do run out of them quickly.  There are only four, good-sized bagels per package and on Udi’s website they cost approximately $6.00. However you save over a dollar per package if you buy in bulk.  These bagels must be tasty– this spring Einstein Bros.  started test-marketing them in some stores in Colorado (Udi’s is based in Denver).

Udi’s Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins:

Let’s face it.  A chocolate chocolate chip muffin just sounds healthier than a chocolate chocolate chip cupcake.  And you can eat it with breakfast!

What makes it even better is that Udi’s Gluten Free has a Chocolate Chocolate Chip muffin, that will make you as content as the person eating a gluteny one next to you at Perkins.  They are wonderful:  Moist, rich and chocolaty.  For anyone who knows the Perkins restaurant chain, they are big into breakfasts including their muffins.  I’ve had the Perkins chocolate, chocolate chip muffins and they absolutely compare to Udi’s.

Emma tried one (and promptly ate a second one a few days later) and thought they were awesome too.  They resembled her cupcakes we make and store in the freezer for birthdays.

These muffins sell on Udi’s website: 4 pack for $6.00 — but again a lot less if you buy in bulk.  Udi’s Gluten-Free products are widely available.  But you can check out the store locator to find the product near you as well.  One word of caution; Not all Udi’s food is safe.  They do have a line of regular products — so you need to look for “Udi’s Gluten Free” products.

For other reviews on Udi’s Gluten Free products see: Udi’s Gluten Free Pizza Crust and Lemon Streusel Muffins and  Udi’s Gluten-Free Blueberry Muffins

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