From a new gluten-free pizza availability in the Twin Cities, to a college class project that’s making gluten-free news…these and more are some quick news items that I wanted to let you know about…

Red’s Savoy Pizza

The north metro of the Twin Cities has another option now for gluten-free pizza.  Red’s Savoy Pizza in Hugo and Coon Rapids has a 10″ gluten-free option.  Both are located conveniently off major roads.  So even if you’re not a north metro person and you’re just traveling through, the Hugo location is just off I-35E and the Coon Rapids location is just off Highway 10.

Stomach discomfort? Don’t Rule out Celiac recently reported a study that said “…upwards of 4% of people with generalized gastrointestinal complaints  show elevated celiac disease antibodies when screened.”  The study is published in the September issue of Journal of Gastrointestinal Liver Diseases.  Researchers performed celiac blood tests on more than 600 patients who had vague stomach discomfort. Of those, about 4% had celiac disease. summarized the study by saying,

“Generalized gastrointestinal complaints are a common indication of atypical celiac disease. This study points to high rates of celiac disease antibodies among patients with generalized gastrointestinal symptoms (3.7%).

Clinicians and patients will benefit from greater vigilance regarding atypical presentation of celiac disease and its association with generalized gastrointestinal symptoms.”

Gluten-Free Conference Nov. 6-7 in Fargo

Red River Celiacs Gluten Intolerance Group in Fargo is hosting its Fourth Annual Gluten Intolerance Education Conference the weekend of November 6 and 7.  The information looks to be “news you can use” for those of us living the gluten-free lifestyle.  Shelley Case, a well-respected registered dietitian, will be speaking on the basics of the gluten-free diet and she will have a second presentation on what’s new and what’s not on the diet.  Dr. Cynthia Rudert, an Atlanta GI doc who also is a medical advisor for GIG, will talk about celiac patient management and celiac disease in general. Jules Dowler Shepard, author of the Nearly Normal Cooking gluten-free cookbook, will talk about cooking. Her two presentations are entitled “8 Essentials for a GF Kitchen” and “Demystifying Gluten-Free Bread Baking”.

It looks like the two day registration fee is $115, which I think is reasonable for this much information.  They can often run upwards of $200+ for these kinds of conferences.  To register or get more information, check out the Red River Celiacs website.

College Project Becomes a Winner!

Kansas State was proud to announce this week that two of it’s graduate students took first place at the International American Association of Cereal Chemists’ Product Development Competition.  Creators Angela Dodd and Melissa Daniel created a gluten-free waffle ice cream cone in four different flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and cinnamon.  They will split a $2,550 prize for their hard work.  Dodd and Daniel say they’ll see if they can eventually get it out to the gluten-free masses.

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