Betty Crocker Prize Package

Betty Crocker Prize Package

Betty…Betty…Betty…not only have you opened your arms to those who can’t eat gluten — but you’ve made great gluten-free mixes your first time out!

I was approached, as were other bloggers, to review all of the mixes and then offer a free prize pack of all four mixes plus other goodies, to my readers.  While I received my “review stash” in July, I’m sure the promoters wanted me to review quickly and do the prize, but with three major running races, a death in the family, school starting, kids soccer and a new job — I took some time with this one.  This way I figure the initial Betty Crocker freebies are done and people maybe wanting more right?

Reviews:  Gluten-Free Mixes

The Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookes were awesome for Emma!  She (and her non-gf father) thought they were better than the gluten free version of the Toll House cookies I make, in part because they were crunchier.  There was no grit…and a lot of flavor.

The Gluten-Free Brownies.  These were super good!  Rich and chocolatey — and again not grainy or gritty in texture.  Emma pined for these when I made them and wondered when she could have another.

The Gluten-Free Yellow Cake.  I thought this one could use a little improvement as it seemed a little dry.  I did make the cake for the gluten-free people at a funeral gathering and it’s possible it got dry during travel.  But either way, Emma didn’t mind.  She thought it was great.  She let everyone who wanted a piece have one…and then pretty much ate the rest by herself.

The Gluten-Free Devil’s Food Cake.  I just finally baked it Friday afternoon.  We frosted it and ate it within about two to three hours of baking.  The cake was awesome.  So moist, not grainy.  Just great.

But what I really enjoyed about these mixes was the simplicity of the ingredients I needed to add.  Just eggs, butter and water in most cases (and not gobs of oil). The cake mixes fit in a small pan just like most other gluten-free cake mixes.  So you’ll have to buy two mixes for a double layer cake.

Also, the price is a bit more reasonable at about $4.00 per box.  It’s still about three times more than the gluteny version of Betty Crocker mixes, but not as expensive as some other gluten-free mixes out there. The gluten-free line of mixes are perfect for family members who want to bake something without buying an expensive mix or tons of gluten-free ingredients they may never use again.

Alright here goes — in 24 hours I’ll be picking from my registered users for the winner of this fabulous prize package pictured above!!

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3 Responses to “Betty Crocker Gluten Free Mixes: Where have you been all my life?”

  1. From my mom today:
    A possible recipe to consider with the Betty Crocker Yellow GF Cake Mix…
    “I used the Betty C g/f mix, but put butter/cut apples/brown sugar/cinnamon on the bottom; mixed the cake as directed except added a 1/2 tsp of cinnamon…needed to bake longer, about 10 minutes for me. Served warmed with vanilla ice cream….dad loved it!”

  2. I share Amy’s excitement at the new Betty Crocker mixes. Its great to purchase a gluten-free item at my regular grocery store! So far, I’ve only used the yellow GF mix and the Devil’s Food/chocolate mix. The yellow mix was great the first time I made it, and it was a bit dry the second time, but admittedly I overcooked it by about 5 minutes. The Devil’s Food/chocolate is FABULOUS — the best GF chocolate cake mix I’ve had in the 7+ years I’ve been cooking and baking gluten free. I’ve noticed a couple of interesting things about the Betty Crocker mix. First, at my traditional grocery store (Albertsons) it sells for the exact same price that The Gluten Free Pantry Decadent Chocolate Cake mix sells for at Whole Foods and Mother’s Market — $4.79 per box, and the boxes are equal quantity. The ingredients are identical, a couple are just sequenced in a different order. The only difference is in the baking instructions. The Betty Crocker mix calls for more liquid to be added than The Gluten Free Pantry mix. My hunch is that the reason the Betty Crocker mix is better is based on that extra liquid. Right now I’ve got one Betty Crocker box and one Gluten Free Pantry box in my cupboard. I plan to follow the Betty Crocker directions when I make the Gluten Free Pantry mix and see what happens.


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