Gluten-Free Helps General Mills Q1 Soar

by | G+ Amy Leger

Wow seriously good news for General Mills which dove into the gluten-free market this year.  It’s first quarter profits climbed 51% “handliy beating expectations” the Associated Press article published in Wednesday’s Star Tribune said.  Officially, the company had $420.6 million in earnings in the first quarter, compared to $278.5 one year ago.

Late spring General Mills introduced gluten-free corn, cinnamon, strawberry and chocolate Chex cereals to the country.  These cereals go along with gluten-free Rice Chex which came out a year ago.  Celiacs and people with gluten-sensitivities were abuzz on the the blogosphere and on Twitter about how exciting it was that this mainstream company could (and would) make this happen.

The Wednesday’s article says, “Big G cereal sales climbed 9 percent, with Multigrain Cheerios, Fiber One, Trix, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and new gluten-free Chex varieties posting gains.”  So it wasn’t just us launching General Mills into earnings heaven this last quarter, but we did help.

There is no mention of the Betty Crocker Gluten-Free line of baking mixes and how that did — there may not be a full quarter of statistics out on that line.

Great job fellow celiacs for giving Chex the support it needed to do well.  I think it sends a message to other businesses that gluten-free products CAN succeed in the mainstream!

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3 Responses to “Gluten-Free Helps General Mills Q1 Soar”

  1. My sister just bought me ‘multi grain cheerios’…she said they are ‘gluten free’..I didn’t find anything on box claiming to be a gluten free product. What’s the answer? I get deathly sick if I eat gluten. Please reply

  2. There is nothing about Cheerios that is gluten free. Ingredient label: It says wheat and barley in the ingredients. It is definitely NOT gluten free.


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