Keep Reading Chex Labels!

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Corn Chex Box Comparison

Corn Chex Box Comparison

Keep watching those labels on Chex Cereals.  General Mills continues to work on rolling out all of it’s new cereals that have been reformulated gluten-free.  Up until now, I’ve known those cereals as “the ones without the big gluten-free swoosh on the box”.  But what I found at my grocery store today made me do a double-take.

Bad cell phone picture shows gluten-free in caps on nutrition label

Bad cell phone picture shows gluten-free in caps on nutrition label

I was in the cereal aisle and I walked by the Corn Chex  and I noticed the box no longer had the “swoosh”.  I thought, there’s no way they’d bring in the gluten-free stuff and replace it with leftover non-gluten free stuff right? The answer is the Corn Chex were still gluten-free, but the big obnoxious label (and I mean that in a good way…sometimes we celiacs need obnoxious labeling) on the front is gone.  It now only says gluten-free on the side by the nutrition panel (and possibly on the back, but I’ll be honest I didn’t look there when I was at the store).

My point is:  Some of the other Chex cereals (in my case Chocolate and Strawberry) that will be rolling out as gluten-free, but are not yet gluten-free in stores — don’t have the “swoosh”.  And now some of the gluten-free boxes don’t have the “swoosh”.   It could become confusing.

I don’t think General Mills has done anything wrong here. Companies change their labeling and branding all the time.  It is up to us to double check the ingredient and nutrition labels before eating.  If you ever have any questions you should always contact the company directly.

Okay…no more swoosh talk…..

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