A great opportunity for gluten-free awareness is the upcoming nationwide Chef to Plate: Celebrating Restaurants Serving Up Gluten-Free Awareness this Sunday, May 3rd. It will be a great way for restaurants and consumers to become more aware about the gluten-free needs in the community.

Nancy Lapid, a celiac disease writer for About.com, is on top of the issue. She described the day as an event where, “Each participating restaurant will offer a gluten-free meal from its menu, and each table in the restaurant will have information about gluten intolerances available to diners.”

The Gluten Intolerance Group launched this big event to not only spread national awareness of celiac and the gluten free diet, but also to:

• Spread recognition and awareness of restaurants with gluten-free menu options
• Bring peace of mind to persons with gluten intolerances when dining out
• Join restaurants across the country in a day of awareness

The big thing I noticed was that while many states had a dozen or more restaurants participating, Minnesota only had two: Michello’s and Thayer’s (which I just mentioned in a post Monday).  I can think of nearly two dozen Minnesota restaurants off the top of my head that serve gluten-free food,  I’m going to try and reach out to as many of these restaurants I can to let them know about it. It is possible the restaurants chose not to be a part of it for some reason, but at least I’ve told them. Who knows, maybe it will help.

So no matter if you or someone you know has celiac, and no matter where you live, take a look at the participating restaurants list (organized by state). Pick a restaurant, go out to dinner Sunday night guilt free and know you’re doing it for the greater good.

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