Yes, my investigation for gluten-free-friendly restaurants begins now as we prepare for a post-Christmas road trip that will take us from Minnesota to Nevada. The trip is a super hush-hush surprise for our kids on Christmas day. They will be so excited to see Grandma and Grandpa in their new house, but this quietly organized trip, actually needs to be heavily organized on my end.

What’s our route and where will we eat?

My husband and I will likely pick up I-80 in Iowa, through Nebraska; we’ll connect with I-76 to Denver and then I-70 into Utah. Eventually we’ll pick up I-15 taking us all the way into Nevada. Finally we’ll get into Pahrump, Nevada (one hour outside of Las Vegas) all bleary-eyed and we’ll be ready for naps!

While the trip will be a whirlwind all-night drive, I am looking for any hints on good places to get gluten-free food. Breakfast would be a good point to stop and get some eggs I think. In the meantime, I’m doing my research online at, and

Brown-bagging gluten-free food in the car

We are trying to do this on the cheap. So there will be a lot of food packed in the van. How have you packed gluten-free foods? Your hints and tips will be very helpful for all of the people who are reading this blog – and me as well. What foods just didn’t work and what foods did?

I know we’ll be packing a cooler with sandwich meat, gluten-free bread, donuts, muffins etc. Some of my concern will be the road trip back. With my goodies exhausted that I purchased before we left Minnesota, I am not sure where I will find replacements.

What about Vegas and the Grand Canyon?

We’ll be hitting both areas. In Las Vegas, we may go there for New Year’s Eve (along with everyone else in the 200 mile vicinity). But a good (reasonably priced) restaurant recommendation there would also be very welcome for us.

As for the Grand Canyon, that will not be a day-long stay by any means. It will be a “let’s-get-into-the-Grand-Canyon-and-take-a-quick-picture” stop. As it will take us about 4 hours out of our way as we return home.  We may be eating somewhere around there as well.

Thanks for any words of advice you may have, I will begin my investigation this week to make our gluten-free road trip as easy as possible. I will update readers as I make some “finds” as well as when I hear from you on great places to stop for food!

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  1. Vegas is pretty good about gluten free menus. I was just their and ate at the China Grill at Mandalay Bay and was surprised they even had a GF menu. Not sure on the price though, I didn’t pay.

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