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Every day news is made regarding celiac disease and its only treatment: a gluten free diet. Whether it is information about gluten free foods, recipes, scientific research, school tips, eating out, or the basics about the disease symptoms that come with having celiac, we talk about and report on it here using reliable sources and key experts to create great content.

If you have celiac disease, a non-celiac gluten sensitivity or are eating gluten free for other reasons, our one goal is to empower you with information to live a healthy gluten free life.

Most of us love most technology, it makes our lives easier. Now technology is honing in the gluten-free market; with software that gives you product listings and it’s “gluten” status. There is an extra cost — so is it worth it? We look into your options.

October 28, 2008 by Amy Leger | G+ Amy Leger

A November 2008 medical study reveals the link between early celiac diagnosis and a better quality of life. We rely on doctors to officially make the diagnosis, so what can we do to help?

Survey says….get to your support group and you will more likely stick to your gluten-free diet. It’s true! But why is that? See how it can help, where to find one and the inspiring story of a few families who created a successful group, when they couldn’t find the answers they needed on their own.

October 22, 2008 by Amy Leger | G+ Amy Leger

You go on the gluten-free diet only to find you have become completely…ahem…’irregular’. Before you get into a poop pity party, check out this article. You’ll find natural and sneaky ways to mix in fiber and get yourself back on schedule.

It is challenging dealing with a holiday that centers around CANDY! Yikes! Taking candy from a baby (or in this case your trick-or-treating child) can be tough. You don’t want your gluten-free child to miss any of the fun stuff surrounding Halloween. But not all candy is gluten-free. What’s a parent to do? Check out this article for suggestions.

A diagnosis of celiac disease can be a relief for a parent, but also overwhelming. Here is your survival guide to help you and your child in the first few days.

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