Where has The Savvy Celiac been?

by | G+ Amy Leger

Greetings from The Savvy Celiac.

It has been a crazy year and let’s face it, I have been off the grid a bit when it comes to The Savvy Celiac. My apologies.

Let me catch you up on where things stand and where they are going!

The Savvy Celiac update

As you know, we moved to Longmont, Colo. from Minnesota last spring and that changed everything. We had a new house, new schools for my teenage girls, new friends (or trying to make them), and a full-time job (for the first time since 2008) for me.  Needless to say the website suffered a bit.

I was able to get my bearings a little bit by the end of the summer and I made two other big changes.  I hired a personal trainer (and yes I’m down several inches and 10 pounds) and I also resigned as the Family Editor of Gluten-Free Living Magazine. With the magazine, it became too much to juggle with a new job. Plus, after five years, it felt like I had come full circle on all of the issues/subjects parents, families and children deal with when it comes to managing a gluten-free lifestyle. It was a very good run and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Emma's gluten-free ham, egg and cheese sandwich from Sun Rose

Emma’s gluten-free ham, egg and cheese sandwich from Sun Rose

Dining discoveries

That brings me to now. Life is finally starting to feel a bit more normal, like I’m in a groove. We have checked out a few places in Colorado that are gluten-free friendly:

  • T/ACO in Boulder –  street tacos and everything is gluten free because the soft taco shells used in the place are corn and same with the chips!
  • Sun Rose Cafe in Longmont – Emma had a great breakfast sandwich there using Glutino English Muffins
  • Amie’s Love a gluten-free bakery in Longmont – where I had the largest whoopie pie known to man!
That's a big whoopie pie from Amie's Love

That’s a big whoopie pie from Amie’s Love

My goal is to get back into the gluten-free community and share even more as Emma prepares to head off to college in the fall. Proud momma moment: she was accepted to Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction to pursue nursing.

Thanks for your patience!

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2 Responses to “Where has The Savvy Celiac been?”

  1. Nice to hear all of your exciting updates. Congrats to Emma on her college acceptance! Also it was my pleasure to work with you through the years at GFL. But change is good as we both know from having moved on

  2. Thank you Amy. Working with you on GFL was indeed great. Thanks for all of your support! – Amy

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