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Moving day at the house

Well yesterday we said goodbye to our home of 19 years in Minnesota.  A very busy packing week (that incidentally lead to 15,000-22,000 steps every day) ended on Friday closing on our old house.  The new owners are a young family who loved the house — Yay!

We wedged everything we had into a moving truck and two cars– it is VERY tight.  We came back to the house after the closing and had a very bittersweet moment saying good-bye to our fantastic neighbors we call friends.

Then, with nowhere to go, but Colorado, we left Minnesota.  Our caravan took us to Rapid City, South Dakota last night.  Yesterday’s drive was very long and super windy.  Then it decided to rain for about the last 3-4 hours.  While we brought our own lunch (Emma had Blue Diamond Nut Thins, cheese, turkey, and various other snacks like baked Cheetos and Old Dutch Popcorn), we stopped at a Dairy Queen where Emma got a cheeseburger (no bun) and a dish of ice cream.  We did see Wendy’s along the way as well.

Last night in the house

Last night in the house

We will get to see Mount Rushmore today (in windy 40 degree weather) and we will try out Tally’s Silver Spoon restaurant in Rapid City for a late breakfast. They have good reviews for gluten free so I am very hopeful.

I also made a gluten-free lasagna, froze it and we’ll eat that for dinner tonight at the house where we are staying.  I am so glad we have a little time to relax.

I’ll keep you posted on the restaurant and whether it’s worth going to.  In the meantime, the adventure continues!

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