Oh how long it has been since you heard me preach the gluten-free word on this website.  It has been a CRAZY few months with my husband getting a new job that takes him to Boulder, CO every other week and me starting a part time job.

Now things are busy because the Minnesota State Fair is just two days away and I know folks are chomping at the bit to get the gluten-free details.

What have we been working on? Well….

July was the month of soliciting information from nearly 250 vendors at the fair.  More than 50 responded, but 48 made the list, as after further research into ingredients or protocols a few had to back out. It went to print in mid August. You can find the list here or it is permanently on the right side of my website.  A few new highlights include the Bee Nice Blueberry Chipotle Corn Muffin (which is gluten free) at the Minnesota Farmers Union Coffee Shop and French Meadow Bakery is doing a gluten-free sandwich station, with separate ingredients, tools and prep area from the other sandwiches.  Sonny’s continues to do its gluten-free beer battered brat on a stick too, using Bard’s Beer!

A few late entries– I got an email after the list went to print that the Fresh French Fries stand has gluten free fries. Mexican Hat was also late in getting its list to me, Vickie from that food stand wants you to know that their menu has gluten-free next to their options.  Sadie’s Frozen Custard has gluten free chocolate and vanilla custard (only two flavors they make).  Again, you won’t see these three on the list as their information came in after it went to print.

Most recently the time has been spent recruiting volunteers and getting them their FREE State Fair ticket so they don’t have to pay the day they do their shift. There are still some openings and we could use your help!  Click here to sign up.

Now it’s about the details….Sunday I finalized a map to help gluten-free eaters find the vendors they are interested in.


Monday, I had a second “volunteer ticket/shirt pick up” at my home.  It gets pretty expensive mailing out the tickets ahead of time, so if we can have folks come to us, that is helpful.


And today, was move-in day!  The Gluten-Free Jeopardy game is back and you can see the map posted on the left side of the photo below.


We want to thank Cheerios for being our event sponsor!  Without them this booth would not be possible.  Plus, GoPicnic is sponsoring the gluten-free list and Snyders of Hanover is sponsoring our booth for a day next week!

One thing to always remember with the list, we have done our best job to vet the vendors who say they have gluten-free products.  They have sent us the ingredients and discussed food prep protocols with us.  HOWEVER, it is up to you to decide if the food is right for you.  You should still ask your questions you ask at any restaurant to ensure you are getting a product that you are comfortable eating.

The gluten free booth is located in the Health Fair 11 building at the corner of Dan Patch and Cooper.  I will be at the fair many days, but for sure this Thursday and Friday!  I hope to see you there!


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