RIP-GFRKWell I have heard a lot of feedback.  And I am certain Kellogg’s has heard even more from folks who are gluten free and want the company to continue making the gluten-free version of Rice Krispies.

About 10 days ago, The Savvy Celiac reported that Kellogg’s was pulling its Gluten-Free Rice Krispies product.  Late last week I got a response from Kellogg’s about why the cereal was being pulled.

“We unfortunately are discontinuing Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Gluten-Free cereal due to disappointing sales. However, for consumers who are looking for gluten-free options, we’ll continue to offer a variety of foods, including Special K Gluten Free cereal, Eggo Gluten Free waffles, Special K Shakes and Popcorn Chips. Plus, we’re always developing new foods, so we may offer additional gluten-free options in the future.” — Kellogg’s Media Relations

Many of us who called the Kellogg’s consumer hotline were given the spiel that even though the cereal was being discontinued, they will still have the gluten-free Special K cereal available, but as you know you can’t make Rice Krispie treats with that.  When I called customer service on March 27th, my customer rep did not explain to me the reason why the Gluten Free Rice Krispies was going away, even though I asked.  So it was good to finally hear from Kellogg’s about the issue.

Many folks commented on The Savvy Celiac’s original article and on The Savvy Celiac Facebook page when the news  of the discontinuation of the cereal was announced.  Most readers said they had trouble finding the cereal, or that the marketing to raise public awareness about it was minimal.  I had one reader from Canada say that they weren’t being discontinued there and — I confirmed that today as well.  Indeed, you will still be able to purchase these in Canada.

Back here in the US, another reader suggested  making Rice Krispie treats out of gluten-free Rice Chex.  She said it worked well and tasted good.

If you would like to lodge a comment about this topic with Kellogg’s you can do so via its customer service department.  Click here for that information. 

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  1. Maybe sales would have been better if we could actually find them in the stores! I had them on auto ship from Amazon for a while, but then even that was dropped.

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