Target hones in on organic and gluten free foods

Target hones in on organic and gluten free foods

Shopping for gluten free products may be getting easier at Target.  The Wall Street Journal reports,  Target plans to reinvent its grocery offerings.  This reinvention actually began in 2014 with its Made to Matter campaign, with the goal being to stock products with simple ingredients.

Back then the campaign touted products like KIND, Annie’s Homegrown and EVOL (which have gluten-free products), as just a few that would be rolled out with this campaign.

Now, in just the last few days, Target announced it will expand the organic, natural and gluten-free products. The WSJ speculates, “Target is showing signs that its food direction will become less reliant on packaged and processed foods that are out of favor with many millennial consumers.”

The WSJ also says Target will focus on creating space for marketing these organic and gluten-free products, which could lead to less space for big companies like Kraft and General Mills.

Target says it is nearly doubling its offerings in the Made to Matter category for 2015 — adding several companies including ones with gluten-free offerings like Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop, Askinosie Chocoloate, Stoneyfield Organic and Ben and Jerry’s.    I remember just a handful of years ago, hardly finding anything gluten free at Target.  So this is good to hear.

I was surprised to not see Udi’s Gluten Free on either of these lists of food from 2014 and 2015.  Especially after just noticing Tuesday that the selection of Udi’s products from bread to ravioli was enormous at my local store.

And just a side note, if you have the Target Cartwheel App, many of Udi’s foods right now are 5% off when you use the app, but the company’s Frozen muffins and cookies are currently 20% off.

It wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns when the Target brass talked to investors this week however.  Target confirms in a news release  part of its transformation also includes restructuring, mainly at the headquarters in Minneapolis.  Other news outlets said this means “thousands” of layoffs.

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