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All set to bake some gluten free pies with Grace!

All set to bake some gluten free pies with Grace!

It has been a reflective couple of days here at The Savvy Celiac household.  Yes, of course Thanksgiving is here and my daughter Grace and I spent a part of Wednesday baking pies and then we made a gluten free ice cream cake.

But I can’t help but think of the what-ifs and of course being thankful…

What if….

You see, last Saturday night as Grace and I were driving home from her soccer game, I came to a 4-way stop.  I stopped, looked both ways twice and crossed because all was clear.  As I was crossing the intersection, I looked back to my right (I guess it was just a defensive driving move on my part), only to see a set of headlights coming right at us.  The car was going too fast to stop in time.  I hit the brakes hoping maybe the driver would be able to slow down and go around.  But he ended up hitting the front of my car.

Alright, no one hurt.  In fact the impact wasn’t as bad as I thought.  And then the driver sped off from the accident.  Yup, a hit and run.  I am 43 years old, never been a driver in a accident and I get to go all-in with a hit and run.

Grace was in tears.  I called 911, while she called my husband.

The police came, and we filed a report.  But the whole time, it was hard to concentrate because all I  could think about was, “What if?”

What if I didn’t look just one more time to my right and then stop?  I wouldn’t have seen the car coming, we would have been T-boned on Grace’s side of the car.  What could have happened to her…that thought is nearly paralyzing to me.  To Grace it has been a bit difficult to shake. It is frightening to think she was just two feet from major injury or worse.


I am so thankful she is okay.  I am so thankful the collision wasn’t worse.  I am thankful I am okay too.  I am thankful for insurance that has us covered and helped us during this time.

Late Wednesday night we learned they caught the guy about 45 minutes after our collision. Police told us he was driving under the influence.  A piece of bumper from his vehicle that we retrieved from the scene fit onto his car like a final piece to the puzzle.  I am also thankful he was caught without any further accidents or injury to others.

So this Thanksgiving, in addition to my being thankful for all of The Savvy Celiac readers who have joined my newsletter, listened to me speak, read my articles, share my content with others and generally support this website, I wish you the most memorable and joyful of Thanksgiving holidays.  At our gluten-free table tonight, I will be saying an extra prayer of thanks for my own family’s safety.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Awesome post Amy! A lot to be thankful for! What restaurant have you had the best gluten-free food? Remember to add it to your Besty List!

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