glutino-mixes1It was fun to see some seasonal items from gluten-free companies arrive on my doorstep within the last week.  Glutino sent me a few packages of their new gluten free mixes to check out:

We made the Twinkle Sprinkle Cakes before I could even take a picture of all the boxes.  To describe them– they are like a gluten-free “Fun Fetti” cake.  They have little green and red sprinkles that you put in the mix and on top.  You can see our picture of the finished product.  I thought they were best when fresh.  Emma also liked them.  A friend of hers who is new to gluten-free after getting a sensitivity diagnosis, did not like them. Even in an air tight container they dried out quickly. glutino-mix-cupcakes

We made a simple butter cream frosting for on top (frosting did not come with.) I would recommend these for an event where you bake and serve within a few hours.  But it was cool to have a “Fun Fetti” style gluten-free cupcake– in my opinion.

I have not had time to make the rest, but I wanted you to know they are now available.  You can find information on these products under the “shop online” button on Glutino’s website.

I did spend some time looking for more seasonal holiday mixes but didn’t find much.  As for some other holiday gluten-free goodies,  Amazon had this gluten-free gingerbread house kit, gluten free Christmas stocking and a few gluten-free gift boxes.

Do you miss those seasonal products?  If you know of other seasonal or holiday gluten free mixes that are only out during this time of year, feel free to share below!

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  1. I just found the Glutino mixes at Target this week!

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