Schar gluten-free cookies

Schar gluten-free cookies

Tonight I got a special delivery.  A few boxes of cookies from Schar!

The company sent me free samples of the Honeygrams and a new product, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and they asked me to review them.

The chocolate chip cookies are like a shortbread kind of cookie versus a soft cookie.  They taste similar to the gluten-free chocolate chip Girl Scout Cookies (but the Schar versions are more widely available — nationally and all year long– and they arrived more intact).  You may recall in my Girl Scout Cookie review, I compared the shortbread chocolate chip cookies to Famous Amos (a shortbread cookie which contains gluten).

As far as I am concerned, the Honeygrams are the closest thing I have had to a gluten-free “graham”-style cracker.  I tried them plain and as a S’more.  I thought they were great!

Emma, my 15-year-old gluten-free daughter, has NEVER HAD A S’MORE IN HER LIFE. But this afternoon she did!  She said “That’s pretty good.  I can see why people might like these.”  Then she finished the S’more off and asked that I have some on hand for bonfire season.  

schar3 Schar2

My daughter who doesn’t eat gluten free (but loves a sweet treat) liked the Honeygrams the best, but thought the chocolate chip cookies were a bit dry.

I think both cookies could also make a good crust for a cheesecake as well.

In the meantime, Schar is doing a contest where you could win a trip to Italy and the last day to sign up is Wednesday, April 30!  Click here to take part.

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