Party Season with Gluten Free Style

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partyBetween graduation, anniversaries, weddings, baby and bridal showers, prom, it is officially party season.  So how can you host a bunch of people and keep it gluten free friendly?  That’s a task I have been asking myself recently.

For our family, Emma is getting confirmed in about three weeks.  So I am trying to figure out what we should do.

Here are some interesting options I have considered if not for this event, perhaps another one:

Gluten Free Party food ideas

Chipotle Catering:

Emma loves Chipotle. They have a few different options, one with two meats and the fixings, one with all four meats and fixings.  The price is around $12.00 per person for the catering.  I wondered if we could get either the two side or the big spread and have it be gluten free.  Since the only thing with gluten in it is the flour tortillas, I would think this is possible.  I called the Chipotle catering hotline and asked if we could have all corn shells instead of a combo shell and flour tortilla.  They said they couldn’t answer that right now, and they would have to check with the store that is making the catered food.  

Hire a food truck!

Might be a good idea for a bigger event like a casual wedding or a graduation party.  In the Twin Cities, Crazy Puppy Gourmet WorkshopTot Boss and Sassy Spoon Truck are known for gluten free options.  Here is an older list done by City Pages.  You’ll need to check with the individual companies to see if they still have gluten-free availability. You will want to book now for your event.  A quick look at some of the schedules and a lot of them are booking up!

Have your own grill-fest

Getting chicken and steaks for the grill might be less expensive than the Chipotle option.  I know the grill steaks we get at our butcher are about $10 a piece and each steak feeds on average, two people.  That could be a tasty option which doesn’t require the buns that are expected with burgers and hot dogs.  But it does involve cooking and some preparation during the party.


Precook some of your favorite gluten free lasagna and have that for dinner.  It means you won’t have to cook during the party, but you will have to arrange to heat it up before eating.  Find some gluten free bread and put some butter and garlic salt on it, plus do a salad and you have an instant Italian meal.  

Host a brunch

Many wedding and baby showers, and baptisms are around that brunch time.  Make an egg bake that doesn’t involve a pie crust.  This can be premade and just warmed up when the time comes.    The super easy crust we use is hash browns!  Click here to see our egg bake recipe.  Don’t forget maybe some additional breakfast meat and some yummy fruit!

How about some fun treats?

Pinterest is a great place to start.  In fact, I found a gluten-free snacks, appetizers and party board you might want to see for ideas. 

An ice cream sundae bar is an easy dessert to bring out and everyone can get what they want. 

Gluten Free Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream Cake

Gluten Free Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream Cake

For Emma’s confirmation I am pretty sure I’ll be making the gluten-free chocolate sandwich cookie ice cream cake that my mom made this Easter.  Emma recently discovered the sheer yumminess that is an ice cream cake. AND you can make it in advance! Here is what you do:

Gluten Free Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Ice Cream Cake


2 packages K-Toos
2 containers of vanilla bean ice cream (we used Breyers)


Let the ice cream soften.  You can even mix the ice cream a little with the mixer to smooth it out. 

Use a spring form pan and put parchment paper in the bottom.  Put half the ice cream in, then layer it with a package of crushed K-Toos.  Then layer the rest of the ice cream and top it off with the other package of K-Toos.  Then refreeze!

You could do much more with this, like add some gluten free fudge, caramel or chocolate to that inner layer.

 Serve when ready! 

Hopefully these suggestions have helped you or triggered another idea that can work for your next party. If you have a gluten free party idea that worked, feel free to comment below and share with others.

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2 Responses to “Party Season with Gluten Free Style”

  1. Another great option for an ice cream cake (though more expensive i’m sure) is dairy queen. You can order one GF – they just leave out the crunchy bits in the middle. I was never a fan of those anyway 🙂

  2. Rachel Lewter @toomuch4ne1
    April 30th, 2014 at 12:05 am

    Boars Head Deli meat & cheese from Publix Supermarket is awesome!
    There are so many new cracker assortments to chose from now, it’s really easy do a small event yourself. My favorite cracker is not a cracker at all, it’s fresh red bell peppers cut in squares once seeded. They make a great presentation as well.
    I just love to play with food that way.

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