There are many studies out there to find a treatment for celiac disease.  One of them was just published last week it also says it could help with more than just celiac, it could help with other gluten-related disorders.

Scientists with the French National Institute for Agricultural Research explained it this way:  

“Celiac disease is an auto-immune pathology that occurs in individuals genetically predisposed to gluten intolerance. Affected people do not harbor the enzymes required to degrade gluten during digestion. Inflammatory reactions are induced by this abnormal digestion which can lead to the destruction of the gut barrier that is essential for nutrients absorption.”

They say Elafin, a human protein,  should help keep this from happening. 

Bottom line, according to the same research published in last week’s American Journal of Gastroenterology, Elafin could help reduce the inflammation sparked in the gut by gluten.  

The study also found people with celiac seem to have less Elafin in the body which could help contribute to the reaction gluten has on the body.

The researchers also developed the probiotic bacterium to deliver the Elafin in the body.  The AJG article reported Elafin should be explored further because it could help in the treatment of gluten-related disorders. covered this study in greater detail, when it reported, researchers might have a few hurdles to climb because of Genetically Modified Organisms. 

The article’s author interviewed the research director of the institute behind the project, who said because the European Union  doesn’t allow GMOs in food (there are a few exceptions), there could be a problem because this treatment was created with GMOs.  Since the article is under copyright, you will have to head over to their website to read the details about “Elafin for gluten toxicity faces GMO hurdle, says chief scientist”.

I keep an eye on GMOs but it has not been the most important thing to me — because being gluten free has been the most important thing.  But I am getting educated about GMOs.  I will admit, I hadn’t even thought about whether GMOs played  role in our medicines. I just wanted to share this information about the potential treatment for celiac and the different challenges that come along with creating these new medicines.  It will be interesting to see where this one goes. 

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