Hy-Vee wants this vacated land in New Hope for its first store

Hy-Vee wants this vacated land in New Hope for its first store

Known for its commitment to the community’s gluten free needs, it was met with GREAT excitement when gluten free eaters in Minneapolis/St. Paul heard Hy-Vee grocery stores are trying to get into the metro area.

Last night, Iowa-based Hy-Vee made its first attempt at the New Hope, MN city council meeting.  It wants to develop a piece of land on Xylon Avenue once held by a Kmart.  The city tore the building down with the hopes of starting some new construction.

Both KARE11 and the Star Tribune report the store would be about 90,000 square feet– comparable in size to Cub Foods.  KARE11 reports it will go after the more upscale Byerly’s customer.

There was no decision made last night at the meeting, but as KARE11 reported, Hy-Vee said it was willing to spend as much as $17 Million to develop the land/store and hire up to 400 employees.

Gluten Free & Hy-Vee Connection

When word began spreading about Hy-Vee possibly coming to the Twin Cities, the gluten-free community said it was ready.  You see, Hy-Vee was a grocery store that took our food seriously — before most other mainstream grocery stores.  Way back when my daughter was first diagnosed (early 2000’s) I would hear of these stories about how good Hy-Vee about getting and stocking gluten free products.

Hy-Vee has dietitians on staff, as well as a plentiful list of gluten free store products.

On The Savvy Celiac Facebook page Monday, readers showed their excitement:

“They are great about getting new products in. Each month they have a gala at one of [the stores]….fun to try new things and get 10% off when they have it.” – Pamela

“Just moved from southern Mn, the HyVee I shopped in was amazing. Lots of GF items. They even ordered in Jules flour when I made a request!” – Tossy

Getting a Hy-Vee would definitely bring in more shopping options to the Twin Cities.  We will have to wait and see if they make their debut here.

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2 Responses to “Attention Gluten Free Shoppers: Hy-Vee Trying to Make Twin Cities’ Debut”

  1. I hope so, I stop at one out side of the twin cities all the time to stock up. I love thier gf section. Hopefully in the southwest part of the cities!

  2. If Hy Vee doesn’t have what you want, just tell the store director and he/she will order it for you and stock it on their shelves. Hy Vee stores are run autonomously. The director doesn’t have to go through corporate so they will have it in stock in a matter of days. Hy Vee has the best customer services I have ever experienced. Employee ownership really works.

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