There are many conferences and expos out there for people with gluten intolerances and celiac disease, which is great!  I think it is important for celiac and gluten free information to come into the communities (beyond New York, Los Angeles and Chicago — sorry I am a victim of living in a “fly-over” state).  Some of them are very lifestyle/gluten-free eating oriented,others are very information/celiac disease oriented.

But I want to tell you about one that I am a part of that I think will be a great balance of news and lifestyle.  The Gluten-Free Living Conference that is happening in Orlando, Florida will be a great one to attend.  The dates are April 4-6-2014.

Here’s the breakdown.

April 4, 2014  Gluten-Free Living’s Blogger U.

gflc-button_BloggerSpeakerThere is a huge gluten-free community in the blogger world.  I think its because we have really felt the need to band together to support each other.  But what can we do to have more success with our blogs?

On April 4th we’ll all get together, have an in-person “reunion” and talk about becoming better bloggers!  I don’t know about you, but I can always use great tips in this area.

Amie Valpone, Jules Shepard, Amy Ratner (editor of Gluten-Free Living Magazine), Aubrey Everet (managing editor of The Writer) and Mia Moran will talk about a range of topics from recipes, to making your blog a success, turning your writing into a print freelance gig, to taking great pictures!

My topic is on Beefing up Your  Blog.  We will discuss ways to add news value to your blog and why you should do it.

Blogger U is a separate element of the Gluten-Free Living Conference.  You can register for it and learn much more here, just click on Blogger U.

April 5 and 6, 2014 Gluten-Free Living Conferencegflc-button_Speaker

By Saturday and Sunday, you will be ready to get more great information from the experts.  Alessio Fasano, M.D. from the Center for Celiac Research in Boston will be the keynote speaker when he talks about “gluten-free labeling, including why 20 parts per million is safe, and the latest news from the Center for Celiac Research”.

Other experts like the Lagasse Girls, Dietitian Pam Cureton from the Center for Celiac Research, Dr. Jerry Kartzinel (an expert in autism and how some foods can have an impact) will also be speaking.  For a complete line up of experts and topics check out the website and click on attendees.

I will be speaking on Sunday about the Dos and Don’ts of raising a healthy gluten free child and then be a part of a panel discussion after that.  My own gluten-free child, Emma, will be there.  It will be interesting to hear her feedback on my presentation!

There will also be a two-day vendor event where you can try free samples.  You will give back to research since part of the proceeds of the event will go to the Center for Celiac Research.  Plus, there will be gluten-free food donations given to Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida.

I am working on my presentations now in preparation for the big event.  If you have been undecided about going…NOW is it the time to get signed up!  I am writing this on a day we expect up to 10 inches of snow.  I can’t get out of this wintry weather fast enough.  And just because it is technically spring in April, does NOT mean it will be very warm — at least where I live.  So sign up for the conference, book your flight (drive, bike, take a bus) and get to Florida (average temp is around 80 that time of year)! And please introduce yourself when you come, I would love to meet you.

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