Canadian Speedskater Christine Nesbitt is also Gluten Free! Photo courtesy;

Canadian Speedskater Christine Nesbitt is also Gluten Free! Photo courtesy;

As you sit down tonight to watch the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics in Sochi, pay close attention to the Canadian team!  Christine Nesbitt, a reigning Olympic Champion in speedskating is ready to win, especially now after being diagnosed with celiac disease.

Nesbitt won the 1,000 meter in Vancouver four years ago.  But just last May she was diagnosed with celiac disease.  Nesbitt told the The Canadian Press last fall, “I’ve learned it’s not normal to be bloated every single day of your life.”

At that time, only about 5 months post diagnosis, she said her stomach still wasn’t great, but by going gluten free she recovered much more quickly from her tough training sessions. “I think that’s just the ability to absorb the nutrients better in my food and I’m not basically fighting what’s going on in my stomach,” Nesbitt said. “I think my body is just being fed more efficiently.”

Nesbitt talks about her gold medal experience four years ago in this YouTube video.

You can follow her on Twitter at @CNezzy.

We wish her the best of luck!

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  1. Christine….good luck to you and all your team members!! I love Canada! Originally from Newfoundland and Labrador but we are now living in Nova Scotia. We are extremely proud of Canada! I have Celiac Diseaase and I understand how difficult living with this disease can be. I was pretty sick when I was diagnosed in 2010 but now….with help and guidance from my health team and the Canadian Celiac Association…I am completely healed!! Adhering to a gluten-free diet was very difficult but was the best thing I have ever did! I feel so much better now! Hope you all have a wonderful time in Sochi! A wonderful experience that you will never forget!!

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