Gluten Free Girl Scout Cookie Review

by | G+ Amy Leger
The Gluten Free cookies are small, shortbread chocolate chip

The Gluten Free cookies are about double the size of a quarter

With much excitement, the gluten free chocolate chip Girl Scout cookies arrived at my house this week.  And I finally got around to trying them.

First off, I need to thank Vickie Strobel of the Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin Lakes and Pines for sending me two complimentary bags to try and provide feedback on.   This Girl Scouts chapter is the closest one with the gluten free cookies to the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

Gluten Free Girl Scout Cookie taste test

So today I dug in.  I thought they were pretty good.  They are a small, shortbread-style chocolate chip cookie.  When Vickie and I talked for a post I did last week, she was concerned the cookies might break apart when being shipped. But they did not! They came to me in tact.

And as for the taste, they reminded me of those Famous Amos cookies (Famous Amos are not a gluten free cookie). Not only for the taste and texture, but also for the size.  For those of you who may have gone gluten free relatively recently, you may know what I am talking about.  My daughter, who has been gluten free for 13 of her 14 years on earth, had NO idea what I was talking about.

Gluten free cookies arrived in tact

Gluten free cookies arrived in tact

My gluten free daughter did not like them but her friends thought they were pretty good.  Emma doesn’t really like any “store bought” gluten free cookies, FYI.

I think it is a really good first attempt.  I certainly hope it goes over well, because I would like to see this as an option that is permanently available to people each year. Cookie sales will be in full swing in February! Click here for information on where the gluten free cookies will be available.



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