GlutenFreeda had several samples, including the sandwich pocket (my sample pictured bottom)

GlutenFreeda sandwich pocket sample from 2013 GFAF Expo in Chicago

We have come so far with gluten free food selections in the last 5 years, it really is amazing!  GlutenFreeda even came out with a few versions of a gluten free “Hot Pocket” style sandwich!  But just last week, Friends of The Savvy Celiac Facebook page really got into a conversation about their suggestions for a gluten free food product that just hasn’t happened yet.

So if you are a gluten-free food manufacturer or a store supplying gluten free foods, listen up and take note!  I took some time to research to see if folks just didn’t know there were certain gluten-free products out there, or if indeed there was a gap in the marketplace.

What are the top foods gluten free folks would like to see on store shelves:

Filled Gluten Free Pasta

Some folks said Ravioli, others said tortellini.  There are a few options out there right now.  Conte’s is probably the best known and most widely available.  They have ravioli, pierogies, stuffed shells, and gnocchi. During my research I also found DePuma Pasta.  It. Looks. Amazing!  I have never tried it but I think it could be worth it! Hello!  Gluten Free Sweet Potato Ravioli??  I am intrigued.

Pasta Prima has two kinds of ravioli.  Leo’s Gluten Free has ravioli and gnocchi (mostly available in Illinois with no shipping option listed).  So I don’t see my favorite kind of stuffed pasta yet, which is meat-filled tortellini or ravioli.  But it looks like we do have a good start here.  As consumers we need to look for it, try it and let our favorite stores know about it.

Gluten Free Croissants

This one might be a little more challenging to find.  Schar has a cocoa croissant on the market. I have never tried it, although we have been happy with Schar products in the past.

This was the only pre-made gluten free croissant I could find.

While you wait for more convenient, ready-made options to become available to you,  I did stumble upon a website, which had a very detailed explanation on how to make your own real French gluten free croissant.  As the writer puts it,  “The task is not hard but it does take time, like say more time than flying to Paris and buying one. These are a labor of love. They take patience, practice and persistence.”

Gluten Free Pillsbury-style Crescents

Absolutely not to be confused with a real French Croissant, is the gluten-free idea of the Americanized and very convenient Crescent rolls that come in a can by Pillsbury.  Sue from the Facebook page said she would love to see gluten-free Crescent Rolls on the market, “You can makes a million goodies with these!”

And I can tell you I saw nothing in a gluten free version like it on the market in that kind of a convenient packaging.  Did you hear that Pillsbury??  Since you launched into the gluten-free realm this spring…I think it is time to investigate a gluten free Crescent.

I only found recipes for these kinds of rolls. Here is one from our friend Heidi Kelly at  The recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free.

Gluten Free Pita Bread

Up and comer: Local Oven samples their bread products

Up and comer: Local Oven samples their bread products

Here was another common request:  Gluten Free Pita Bread!

Local Oven is a company that has a gluten free pita bread.  I became familiar with this company when I was in Chicago for the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo in April 2013.  You can see in my picture (right) that they had a few things they were sampling, including their pita bread.

Mediterranean Deli has a gluten-free pita bread available for shipping as well.  GFL Foods, Inc is also selling a gluten-free pita.

Other gluten-free cravings:

Other gluten free cravings from our friends on our facebook page?  Doughnuts with filling in the middle, Kelly said.  “Is that a Bismarck? Long John? Anyway, those!” A few others said licorice (there are some out there).  I requested deep dish pizza crust.  Onion rings, “real” Oreos, Lucky Charms, Lefse, GF Lunchables (have you tried Go Picnic?), and Lean Cuisine-style meals.

We already have so many great convenient foods!  But readers think there might be a few things missing.  If you think something else should be added to this list, or you have an idea on where someone can find a gluten free version of one of these items, please comment below.


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6 Responses to “Gluten Free Product Gaps; What Do You Want to See on Store Shelves?”

  1. Would love to find gluten free chicken or pork egg rolls.

  2. I hear ya!
    I did make some gluten free onion rings the other night, though, and they were delicious. Not too hard to make, either.
    I have some gluten free Bisquick made up in a canister using this recipe. Or you can just use the store bought gluten free Bisquick.

    And then I used this recipe to make them. My kids DEVOURED them.

  3. I would love to see finger food like party pies, sausage rolls, fried spring rolls all the unhealthy things you miss. I would kill for a curry pie!

  4. For those of us who cook, it is easier when getting a diagnosis of celiac disease. Cheaper, and healthier, too, as we don’t depend on processed foods. I have pretty much figured out how to prepare alll of my favorite recipes gluten-free. However, the one food item, after being diagnosed 5 years ago, that I have not found a good GF substitute for is a good GF hard roll or semel bun. I am pleased to have found a good hamburger bun made by Canyon Bakehouse.

  5. I’d love to see a GF Puff Pastry–either the little shells or sheets. The other two things I’ve been missing lately are Hawaiian Rolls and Pound Cake. With Halloween coming up the candy that I miss is Kit Kats.

  6. I would love to see gluten free raviolis filled with meat or chicken that are also dairy free.

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