Garrett's buttery popcorn

Garrett’s buttery popcorn

I am NEVER one to turn down popcorn so when my friend Angie told me to check out Garrett Popcorn while I was in Chicago (and I found that it was only a block away) and figured it was a must-do.

Within minutes of getting the suggestion, I was there.  I was able to get in quickly, (the line wasn’t out the door…yet).  Here’s what is even cooler, most of the popcorn is gluten-free.  Check out the company’s nutritional information list for ingredients and additional allergen information.  I am a purist — I don’t eat sweet popcorn.  It has to be flavored with salt and on the rare occasion, butter.  I chose the buttery flavor. It was really good and a small size was MORE than enough for me.

Inside Garrett's

Inside Garrett’s

There are many other flavors:  Plain, Cheesecorn, Kettle Corn, CaramelCrisp (or a combination of Cheesecorn and CaramelCrisp and that’s called the Chicago Mix), Cashew, Pecan, Macadamia or Almond CaramelCrisp.  Also listed as gluten-free the two different kinds of popcorn balls they carry.

I was only in the shop for about 10 minutes but in the time I was there the line was suddenly out the door.  Other people must love it too!  So next time you’re in Chicago, you might want to stop by!

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