A Savory and Sweet Gluten-Free Review

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Every once and a while I like to review a few products in a post.  Today I am highlighting some savory and some sweet products from Glutino, Cybele’s Free-to-Eat and Van’s.

Van’s Multigrain Gluten-Free Crackers

Van's Multigrain Gluten-Free Crackers

Van’s Multigrain Gluten-Free Crackers

Let me start with Vans.  Last month, Emma and I stopped by Super Target in Blaine to pick up a few things before heading to the lake for the day, and we stumbled upon this little number:  Van’s Multigrain Gluten Free Crackers.

I have to say, they were an instant hit (even with my gluten free daughter who sometimes needs to warm up to new foods first and my husband who can be pretty critical of gluten free food)!  The crackers are full of substance AND flavor!  They did not taste like a super light rice cracker.  They really were like something I would include with a meat and cheese tray.

I liked them so much I had to take a photo of the box and post it on Facebook, while I was at the lake.  The Savvy Celiac’s Facebook readers quickly chimed in that these are good but the cheese ones are even better!  Another person said you can get a super-sized box at Costco.  Those are two tips I have yet to look into, but certainly intend on investigating.

I think the only downside I might say is that they are a pretty small cracker.  Otherwise…this new product gets a double thumbs up from The Savvy Celiac.

Cybele’s  Free-to-Eat Cookies

Cybele's Free-to-Eat cookies

Cybele’s Free-to-Eat cookies

Cybele Pascal has been working on allergen and gluten-free baking and cooking for many years, since her son was diagnosed with many food allergies.  This spring I met her at the Gluten Free-Allergen Free Expo in Chicago and she gave me a box of each kind of her new allergen-free and gluten-free cookies for me to review.  I apologize for my delay in reviewing, but I wanted to make sure I did it.

The cookies are under the brand name Cybele’s Free-to-Eat. The three flavors are oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip and chocolate chunk brownie.  They are great and free of the top 8 food allergens and gluten-free! They are soft and full of flavor.  I also thought they weren’t grainy like many gluten-free baked goods tend to be.

If you shop for someone with multiple food allergies, please consider these cookies. You can find more about where they are sold on her website.  She also has allergy-free cookbooks available!

Glutino Gluten-Free Crackers and Wafer Cookies

Glutino's Rosemary & Olive Oil Crackers

Glutino’s Rosemary & Olive Oil Crackers

Glutino sends me a few products every month to review and discuss on my website.  Late in August I received a shipment that included a box of Lemon Wafer Cookies and a box of their Rosemary  & Olive Oil crackers.  These boxes of food came at no charge to me.

The reviews were mixed on these two items.
First the Rosemary & Olive Oil crackers:  The adults really liked them but the flavor was too strong for the kids.   Because my daughter didn’t like these outright, I brought them to my office where two of my colleagues eat gluten-free and a third has a celiac daughter.  They all felt the same way, the adults liked them, but the colleague with the daughter who had celiac knew her daughter wouldn’t go for them.

Glutino's Lemon Wafer Cookies

Glutino’s Lemon Wafer Cookies

Second, the Lemon Wafer Cookies.  Unfortunately these didn’t go over with my colleagues at work or my family at home.  Everyone agreed the wafer itself is perfect!  It really tastes like a wafer and wafer cookie.  However, the lemon in our opinion was too strong.

We have purchased the chocolate wafer cookies many times and Emma loves them!  So if you are a lover of lemon, go for it, but if you’re not sure…I might stick with the chocolate.


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  1. Love the Van’s GF crackers too. They also make an excellent breading for fried fish – just give them a buzz in the food processor.

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