It is here! May 1st!  We have 31 days to celebrate, raise awareness for, do kind deeds in the name of celiac disease.  Not that you can’t do these any other time of the year, but if you need a little kickstart—now is the time!

More than 1,000 people attended the Celiac Walk in Minnesota in 2012

What can you do?  Here are a few quick ideas:  attend a celiac fundraiser! There are several Making Tracks for Celiacs events happening this month.  You can donate to any of them.  If you are reading in Minnesota or the Midwest, the Twin Cities Celiac Walk happens this Saturday!  Join us for lots of fun and gluten-free food at this fundraiser which raises money for Mass General’s Center for Celiac Research and Treatment.  If you can’t come to our event you can donate online.  There are other organizations that accept donations as well:  Chicago’s Celiac Research Center, National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, or even your local gluten-free camp.

Got a celiac-related shirt?  Wear it!  Today I’ll be sporting my new gluten-free shirt.  You may just get asked about the disease– which helps spread awareness!

Donate gluten-free food to your food shelf! Or take part in the Chef To Plate Program the Gluten Intolerance Group is doing. Ordering from a gluten-free menu also gets the word out about gluten-free lifestyles!

My daughter has been spreading awareness already by wearing the headband I bought for her at the Gluten-Free/Allergen Free Expo this year by Pretty Little Celiac. People at school have been asking her about the green “awareness” ribbon on the side of the headband, which prompts her to talk about celiac disease.

Volunteer!  This month and throughout the year there are opportunities to support your local gluten-free or celiac group.  They always need volunteers.  Please take time to give back to an organization that has given you a lot of support!

The Savvy Celiac will be doing a website re-launch this month with lots of new information and some other exciting news! If you don’t already follow me on Facebook or Twitter you should do so!  I am @AmyLeger on Twitter and The Savvy Celiac on Facebook!


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