It has been more than a year since Subway expanded to the Duluth/Cloquet Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin area.  And I have finally had the opportunity to bring Emma up there and get a sandwich!

Over Easter weekend we were driving into Cloquet (which is just about 15 minutes west of Duluth, MN) and we needed to stop and eat.  So I gave the local Subway a call when we were about 15 minutes away to ensure they still had gluten-free sandwiches.  I explained my daughter had celiac disease and we needed to be extra cautious.

We arrived during the lunch hour and Emma ordered first.

Gluten Free Subway sandwich in Cloquet, Minnesota

Tip #1:  always request they change their gloves.

Tip #2:  ask to use fresh ingredients from the back instead of what is on the front line.

The gluten-free buns are individually packaged with a knife and require at least one toasting. The employee asked us if Emma wanted hers toasted once or twice.  Normally she doesn’t want it toasted at all, but they said they had to do it once so that is what we opted for.

The employee put the bun on parchment paper and put it in the toaster oven.  She also used a piece of parchment paper on the handle of the oven.  The turkey and cheese (that’s all she puts on a sandwich) were put on the toasted bun and moved onto a clean sheet of parchment paper for wrapping.

Tip #3 ask to make sure the GF sandwich gets its own bag.

The great thing is that with every tip I gave you here, the  Cloquet store employees already knew about and it appeared to be in their protocol.

Emma loved the sandwich although she was very skeptical at first and thought she would get sick.  But she did not get sick and everything went smoothly.  She wants to go back!

As for Subway, they continue to roll their gluten free sandwiches out at a glacial pace.  It is understandable they want to do it right, but considering I announced that gluten free Subway was coming to the Duluth area in January 2012, I would have thought we’d have heard of at least one or two more expansions in the last 16  months.   So for now it appears the sandwiches are still only available in the Duluth, Minnesota area, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX; Tacoma, Washington and Portland, Oregon Hoping we get an update soon!

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    I would love to get your feedback on the app since you are so involved in the Gluten free community. We have a video demo and screenshots at The app is free for a limited time and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thanks for your consideration!

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