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A big change to the gluten free community comes tomorrow when Minnesota-based’s store closes and its gluten-free recipes and articles move to another website.

General Mills launched in late 2009 as  The website was updated in early 2011 and became  At that time it opened an online store, added more expert resources and gluten free recipes.

Now, according to the website, store competition was becoming tough and it’s time to close.

“Since launching, we’ve been pleased to see the increase in gluten-free products now available in stores around the country….as more retailers carry a wider assortment of gluten-free products, there is less of a need for a specific gluten-free store, and therefore, we will be closing our online store.”

Betty Crocker GF Mixes win Award

So what now?  After all this work, new formulation of products (like gluten free Bisquick, Betty Crocker cookie, brownie and cake mixes and the reformulation of most Chex cereals), support for celiac research– has General Mills given up on the gluten-free folks?  No– says the company.

“As a company, we remain committed to the gluten-free community by continuing to offer more than 300 gluten-free products from General Mills as well as future innovations that are great tasting, affordable and easy to prepare. These items can be found across the country in grocery and super stores. “

So the online store is closing.  The recipes and and gluten-free articles will be found at two other sites.  Recipes specifically will be on the website under “Health & Diet”.  And then first thing January 9th, you can go to to find gluten-free recipes and articles.  According to General Mills, is an “online health platform…that provides healthy recipes and information on fitness, relationships, and mind and body.”  So it is not specific to gluten-free lifestyles like but will cover the gluten-free angle of good health and diet among other things.

General Mills says the Gluten Freely Facebook page will stay up for now.

So if you are thinking about getting a good deal on gluten free food, you have one final chance.  The merchandise is 70% off and then after midnight tonight, any leftover foods will be donated to local food shelves, including the Northeast to assist with victims of Hurricane Sandy. If you have any additional questions for, click here for access to their FAQ which covers a lot of information.

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