Packed House at Chowgirls for the Gluten-Free Bake-Off

Packed House at Chowgirls for the Gluten-Free Bake-Off

Great job to the folks at Restore Healing for putting on the 1st Annual Gluten-Free Bake-off in the Twin Cities.

It has been one of the proudest moments for me to be a part of a great gluten free community.  There were a dozen companies represented at Saturday’s event and they really BROUGHT IT!

First of all, congratulations to the folks at Birchwood Cafe in Minneapolis!  They had the winning dessert!  I talked to the folks from Birchwood before it was announced.  They have a cafe in the Seward area of Minneapolis and they say you can always get a gluten free meal there.  And they have gluten-free desserts available as well.  They are just starting  to make their own gluten-free bread too!  Sounds like my family needs to take a trip down there for a meal!

I should have written down the name of the dessert, so I will do the best I can to describe it (I promise I’ll get the correct name up when it’s available)— but at its most basic, it was a sweet potato-cranberry cake/muffin with green tea butter cream frosting.  It was a unanimous vote and it was fabulous.  It looked wonderful, tasted great and I would highly recommend it. I wanted to finish it!  But since it was only the second dessert of 12 for me to try, I figured I shouldn’t.

Gluten-Free Experts trying the Samples Provided by all of the Contestants

Gluten-Free Experts trying the Samples Provided by all of the Contestants

French Meadow Bakery was the runner up with a multi-layered coconut cake, which was also tasty.

The event itself was fun.  It had good support from several companies, it was sold out (folks paid $10 per ticket to attend), and what’s best is that I really think the folks who attended have new resources to help them with their gluten free lifestyle.  I think this brought together people who otherwise may not have known about the gluten free family that exists in the Twin Cities area.

I briefly spoke to the group about Twin Cities ROCK, the beneficiary for the event, and after I was done talking, there were many people who said they had never heard of the celiac walk fundraising event we have each May.  I found that incredible!  So I was able to offer a lot of information on that.

Just wanted to get all of the good news off my chest about this event.  Hopefully there will be one next year– if so BUY YOUR TICKETS and join us!


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  1. Any recipes available for the winning dishes?

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