Taste-Testing New Glutino Snacks

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New Glutino Snacks

New Glutino Snacks

A few weeks back, before my most recent whirlwind race at my other job, I got a surprise package in the mail.  It was good in size….turns out Glutino sent me a bunch of snacks to tell you about. Keep reading because I also have a few other Glutino tidbits in here as well.

These snacks were sent to me free of charge along with a chip and dip container.  I held onto them for a few days until I could meet up with my brother to do a taste test.  Because I wouldn’t be seeing him very long, we literally did the sampling out of the trunk of my car one afternoon in Duluth!

The products that were sent to me were three kind of baked potato chips called “Potato Crisps”.  The flavors are Simply Salted, BBQ and Sour Cream and Onion.  We also tried their Tortilla Dippers, Cinnamon Bagel Chips and the Sea Salt and Rosemary and Olive Oil Snack Crackers.

The Potato Crisps were good.  They reminded me of the texture of Baked Lays Potato Chips if you have ever had those.  Very light and not greasy.  We both liked them.  My brother really liked the flavored chips best.  I  preferred the Salt.

Then we tried the tortilla dippers.  I have to admit they weren’t our favorite.  The chip actually tasted a little stale.  I don’t think the were actually stale however.  It was the texture or something about the chip and I still can’t put my finger on it.   I have to admit, I really wondered why Glutino would go into the oversaturated chip market….but if you have trouble with eating mainstream potato chips and are looking for a guaranteed gluten-free chip, I would recommend the Potato Crisps.  If you are looking for a tortilla chip– I would go with something else.

As for the Snack Crackers, these are definitely for the more whole grain folks in your family.  Filled with all the good stuff for you: brown rice,  quinoa and flax seed, you may have a winner for someone who likes that kind of thing.  Don’t get me wrong, I actually like all of those ingredients, but in the Sea Salt cracker, the soy sauce ingredient, seemed a bit overpowering for me.  I felt the same way about the Rosemary in the other cracker as well.

Then finally the cinnamon and sugar bagel chip. Those were yummy (I also love the plain ones– which I contend could easily have a second purpose as a salad crouton).  For a sweet snack, my brother and I agreed that you could bring these to work and eat them up in no time.

Glutino has been a go-to brand for our family, specifically for the bagel chips and the pretzels (which by the way also double as a crunchy chow mein noodle!!).  So we appreciate being able to try a few new products and tell you about them.  In the meantime, all of the Glutino products will be getting a revised look with their new logo pictured to the right. The Glutino Facebook Page shows what the new packaging is starting to look like already.

And while I was on the Glutino website today, I thought I would also pass along that right on the home page of their website they have a 55 cent coupon for their products.  So now you can save a little money too.




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  1. Of all the gluten-free brands out there, Glutino is the one I enjoy the most! I haven’t tried a lot of their snacks – just their crackers, chocolate covered pretzels and their spinach and feta pizza. The spinach and feta pizza makes me not miss real pizza so much!

  2. nice post. it really helps a lot. 🙂

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