Greg's Frozen Custard

Greg's Frozen Custard

We were in the Chicago area last weekend for a soccer tournament.  It gave me an opportunity to check out some local food to see what was gluten free.

Besides hitting the usual places:  Chipotle and Red Robin, I had time to check out two places that I found on my “Find Me Gluten Free” phone app:  Go Roma and Greg’s Frozen Custard.

Greg’s Frozen Custard

First, Greg’s Frozen Custard in Mundelein, IL was awesome!  The information on the App said that some of their flavors of custard were gluten free and they had gluten free cones!  What??? We had to go!  It literally was about a 10 minute drive for us and on the way home from the soccer fields!

Emma Enjoying Frozen Custard in a GF Cone!

Sure enough, when we arrived, we asked which custard was gluten free and the gal said “all of them”!  Awesome!  Then I asked if they actually still had gluten free cones and she said yes!  But that they only handle a single scoop of the custard– but Emma wanted a double.  So I asked them to put one scoop in a cup and one scoop in the cone and then tip the cone over in the cup– that worked out fine.

Emma really liked everything about it!  From the cone (which she never gets) to the very CREAMY frozen custard.  It was awesome!  For more info, check out this page on Yelp for a review.

Go Roma

Go Roma in Lincolnshire, IL was a place I tried by myself because Emma was with her team at the time.  I ordered the gluten free pasta with pomodoro sauce.  While Emma never would have liked the sauce, the noodles were great.  Cooked to a perfect al dente.  They had several sauces that were gluten free (see the menu).  However, pasta was the only real option here.  There is one or two salads available, but none of the sandwiches, pizza, or appetizers were safe to eat.

I would have liked to have Emma try dinner here.

If you are ever in this area, I would recommend these two locations.

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  1. What a stellar find!

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