The drama over getting a holiday ham came to a head today and it inspired a tongue-in-cheek post using, in part, the theme of Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Happy Holidays!

Twas two nights before Christmas and all through the house…

…not a creature was stirring except Mom who was quiet as a mouse.

Mom had hoped to make a ham for the holiday this year,

but was it gluten free?  We were yet to hear!

See back on Monday, Mom took a chance…

Cub Foods ad says the store brand ham is Gluten Free. Company never called me to confirm.

She bought a Cub Foods ham which seemed okay at first glance.

The store flyer said “gluten free” right on the ad….

….but was it REALLY? That information was not had.

Mom called the phone number listed on the ham…

“5 business days” she was told before the answer would be in hand.

“That won’t work for me,” Mom said with zeal…

“I need to know by Friday for the holiday meal”.

“Friday” the company said, “…that’s when you’ll know…

…if your holiday ham is a gluten free ‘go’.”

Tick tock…the days pass…

Friday is here and no answer alas.

Back to the Cub Foods store to return the meat…

No chance will be taken, though the sale price couldn’t be beat.

Thank heavens for Hormel…which lists its gluten free products.

The Cure 81 ham I saw in the cooler was perfect for us.

The lesson for companies — is it pays to label your food.

I gladly paid much more for a ham that was safe for my brood.

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