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by | G+ Amy Leger

Start of the Monster Dash. I race directed this event. Click to enlarge photo

This fall has been crazy busy and I know my site as been a bit quieter than usual.

I have another job that periodically pulls me away from my regular (and passionate) duties on The Savvy Celiac.  In September-October I was the Race Director for a running race called the Monster Dash in St. Paul, MN.  With well over 7,000 participants, dressed in costume, it was a lot to plan. It was a successful race on Saturday, October 29th.  And I am very glad it is over.  Since then I have been trying to refocus on The Savvy Celiac and I have some exciting updates for you.

I will be writing articles for Gluten Free Living Magazine in 2012.  So if you like The Savvy Celiac, maybe consider buying a subscription for yourself for next year (or perhaps a holiday gift for someone else? Gluten Free Living’s Facebook page says order subscriptions by 11/16 to have the magazine  in-hand by Christmas). The only place you will be able to see The Savvy Celiac’s articles for the magazine is in the magazine.  It is so exciting to have an opportunity like this and if you ever considered getting a subscription, maybe now is the time!

Also, the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness is reposting some of my articles on parenting a gluten free child.  You can find them under their revamped Kids Central section on the website.  Watch for a comprehensive 504 Plan article coming soon.

If you’re a Facebook user, we do a lot of topical discussions on The Savvy Celiac’s Facebook Page.  Please “like” The Savvy Celiac and get in on the discussion.  Also feel free to “like” Gluten Free Living Magazine  and the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness on Facebook!  You will get great tips on living a gluten free life!


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2 Responses to “The Savvy Celiac Branches Out”

  1. Congratulations. As one of the first bloggers to get paid, I can assure you that the number of bloggers who’ve vaulted into paying jobs as writers are still in the triple digits at most.

    Good luck with the new venture and I hope you grow Gluten Free Living’s readership.

  2. Thanks for the comment Mark. Much appreciated!

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