Gluten-Free Chicken Dish

Patinella's Chicken Grill returns to the MN State Fair with many gluten-free options!

Start salivating, get your best tank top or tube top out and grab the sunscreen.  The Minnesota State Fair is a month away and now the gluten free vendor list is available!

More than 1.8 million people will attend the state fair this year which starts on Thursday, August 25th and ends on Labor Day, September 5th.  The food is one of the biggest attractions because new and crazy concoctions are introduced every year.  So much of it is filled with gluten–which can make going to the fair a little less fun (can you imagine going to the state fair and not be able to eat anything??)

That’s why it’s so great to have a list of vendors who offer gluten free food!

What’s Gluten Free at the Minnesota State Fair?

Check out Northland Celiac Support Group’s list of gluten-free vendors by clicking here.

Here are some of the highlights and one word of caution.

Patinella’s (pictured in this post) will be there again this year.  They are located under the walkway to the Grandstand.  Emma ate a chicken dish last year and really liked it.  See the 2010 review of our trip to the state fair. You can also go to the Corn Roast and get really good roasted corn with butter! Here’s one I haven’t heard of before: Sonny’s Tornado Potato located in the Food building.  They’re serving Deep Fried Spiral Potato Chips.  As long as that’s the only thing they’re frying in that oil, they should be fine!  Or stop by Pickle Dog near the corner Corner of Carnes & Regget and pick up a  Pickle Dog “(Pickle, Pastrami, Cream Cheese, Pickle on a Stick, …)”.

One thing that caught my eye was the O’Gara’s at the Fair.  They are saying they have chopped beef steak and corned beef and cabbage, plus “Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Mike’s Light Cranberry Possibly a GF beer…”  Please read this post on Mike’s Hard Lemonade before you go out and get one.

Alright, there are many, many more on the list. Karen Geronime, of the Northland group, says you should check the list again before you go to the fair because there could be some additions to it. You can also find the list at the Northland Celiac Support Group’s booth in the HealthFair11 building.   One more thing! You can get in free if you volunteer at the Northland Booth!  Find out how by clicking here.

Now you have time to make plans and actually ENJOY the Minnesota State Fair!  The more people who go and ask for gluten free foods can only mean great things for us in the years to come!

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3 Responses to “2011 Minnesota State Fair Gluten-Free Food List Now Available!”

  1. I am SO confused. We have a Dino’s nearby, and I called them directly to ask whether their gyro meat contained gluten. They told me it did, so we gave up on them. Now Dino’s appears on the State Fair gluten free list. I wish I didn’t hate making phone calls so much, because I really ought to pursue this.

  2. Sorry – my bad. I don’t think the “Greek salad” has meat. Pardon my leap to a goofy conclusion.

  3. Their chicken gyro meat does not have gluten but their other meat does….I just checked their ingredient list the other day and had the chicken gyro meat – that is fine.

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