A relatively new product is donning the shelves at local natural food stores and co-ops in Minnesota, they are mixes by Fahlstrom Farms.  I hadn’t heard of the company, based in Hastings, MN, until I was helping prepare the door prizes for our celiac walk last May.

I was able to take some home (they were very generous and gave us a TON of mixes) and finally had time to try two of them.  What I found was great texture, simple to make (with ingredients I already had in the house), and tasty!

Gluten Free Heavenly Brownies Mix

Fahlstrom Farms "Heavenly Brownies"

These are REALLY GOOD!   There is not a grainy texture to them at all! What’s more? They’re packaged so you can make a full 9×13 pan of them!

They do require four eggs, which makes them less healthy than I am sure we’d all like — but then again many people might say, ‘…you’re making brownies! They’re not supposed to be healthy.’

I fixed them for a party, and they were very tasty–and I was able to bring the rest home and pop them in the freezer for another day.

You honestly would have no idea these are gluten free.  And I highly recommend them.  On their website they are $7.69.  Find out more information about the Heavenly Brownies here.

Gluten Free Garlic Cheese Biscuits

I decided to whip these up when my parents were visiting this weekend.  We made spaghetti and I didn’t have much for gluten free bread.  And it dawned on me to try this mix.

According to the directions all it required was 3/4 cup of milk and shredded cheese.  I used CoJack.

Gluten Free Garlic Cheese Biscuits

They cooked up nicely, but were a little thick– to the point where I questioned whether they were actually done. I did bake them for a tad bit longer just to be sure, and I didn’t see much of a difference, but was glad I tried it.

Again with this mix, there was no grainy texture to them.

The flavor, however, was a little blander than I had expected.  You could smell the garlic while they baked, but I actually couldn’t really taste it.

So to get that taste similar to the garlic/cheese biscuits at Red Lobster my mom and I added a little finishing touch.  I melted a tablespoon of butter, put some garlic salt in it and then brushed that combination on top of the biscuits.  That did the trick –giving them the added flavor they needed.

I would recommend this as well.  It was a quick and tasty solution to a meal that might require bread. Especially if you don’t like to do “gluteny” and gluten free bread at one table (I swear gluten-free bread crumbs can fly across a room!).  I also thought they held their moisture a little better than the biscuits on the Gluten Free Bisquick recipe.

The price on this mix on the website is just over $5.00, which I think is pretty much in line with other mixes.  The directions say it makes 9 biscuits, so that’s what I made, but I think you could stretch it out to 12 and have slightly smaller biscuits.

You can get these even if you don’t live in Minnesota. You can order them directly from the company.  If you live in the Twin Cities area, two Fans of The Savvy Celiac on Facebook, Tamara and Julia, said they have purchased them at Lakewinds, Fresh and Natural Foods (Shoreview) and Tailor Made Nutrition.  Enjoy!


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  1. Eggs are perfectly healthy. Nutrient dense. Easily the healthiest thing in the brownies. And of the two, the brownies may well be the healthier choice.

    nutrients in eggs:

  2. Yummy; these brownies look great! I’ll have to check out this brand. Thank you!

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