Right now the Gluten Intolerance Group’s 2011 conference is going on.  I wish I were there, but instead I am following the tweets of those who are.

It’s great information and I wanted to share  with you some of my favorite (read newsworthy) Tweets.  The only problem is I don’t know who said them at the conference, so I cannot attribute a source.

You can follow this on your own at #GIG11  on Twitter, but if you’re not on it, check out this update!

@GFMelissa #Celiac Disease is one of the most common lifelong disorders in the US. #GIG11

@iLiveinmyLab There are over 60 different peptides in wheat that will stimulate an immune response #GIG11

@iLiveinmyLab In the next couple of years the whole world is going to change their perception of how many people are affected by gluten #GIG11

@GlutenFreeGiGi Gluten Sensitivity more prevalent than #celiac disease. Future research will be exciting for #celiac gluten sensitive community!!! #GIG11

@jenniferGFinGA #GIG11 patients with rheumatoid arthritis improve on #GF diet

@jenniferGFinGA: #GIG11 1/8th of a thumbnail of gluten causes inflamation/damage; can’t feel the damage

@GFMelissa Celiac disease is 7 times higher in elderly than regular population. #GIG11

@jenniferGFinGA: #GIG11 schizophrenia is rare in cultures where they do not eat wheat

@GFMelissa: Must address leaky gut and poor lifestyle habits to heal from gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. #GIG11

@glutenfreeGiGi Children Dx w/ #celiac 3X more likely to die early EVEN on #GF diet! Powerful research. #GIG11

@iLiveinmyLab One exposure to gluten a month & you still have villious atrophy #GIG11

@iLiveinmyLab Celiac disease is a much greater problem in the US than previously reported #GIG11

@GFMelissa  Gluten sensitivity doesn’t require DQ2 or DQ8. #GIG11

@jenniferGFinGA  For 70-80 percent of people gluten exposure affects the brain #GIG11


Update 10:10 a.m.- 11:30 a.m,. CST

@GFMelissa  “Everyone with osteoporosis should be tested for celiac disease.” #TomO’Bryan #GIG11

@csaceliacs: Anemic adults that do not respond to iron supplements should be tested for #celiac – @GlutenFreeRD Ronni Alicea #gig11

@csaceliacs Study by Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Murray: #gluten damaged vili may never fully heal in adults on #GF #Celiac diet – @glutenfreerd #gig11


Update 12:00 p.m.- 1:15 p.m. CST

@GingerCM #GIG11 average lag in diagnosis is 7 years. Umbrella of gluten sensitivity includes celiac, #gluten sensitivity, intolerance.

@jenniferGFinGA #GIG11 40% of US population have a Celiac gene, but don’t have Celiac

@jenniferGFinGA #GIG11 kids who are on antibiotics frequently are more likely to develop Crohns per Dr. Rudert

@GingerCM 13percent rate of Celiac –highest in world — in northern Africa. #GIG11

@jenniferGFinGA #GIG11 negative blood work doesn’t exclude CD

@GingerCM it can take up to four months to get used to #GF diet…test blood every 6 mos. to a year after DX. Rudert at #GIG11

@jenniferGFinGA #GIG11 DH is more common in men; have to biopsy.normal skin and not the affected area or will miss the diagnosis

@jenniferGFinGA #GIG11 8% of kids with type 1 Diabetes have undiagnosed CD


And that was just the first few hours of the conference!  I am sure there will be more to come and hopefully we’ll see the research behind some of this surprising information (for me it was the one on children).  Great job to the folks who are there spreading the news!



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5 Responses to “Important Celiac and Gluten Sensitive Research Revealed at Conference”

  1. As another mother of a daughter diagnosed with celiac disease when she was a toddler — she is now 20 almost 21 — I am also very interested in the research on children with celiac disease and early death. This snippet of info seems to contradict what the experts have always said about children who are diagnosed at an early age and follow the gluten-free diet, ie they have a normal life.

  2. Yes, Amy. One person noted that on the Twitter feed as well. I am hoping eventually the sources of such information revealed at the conference will be available.

  3. I am interested in this as well and also how msg plays a part in many of us that are gluten intolerant also

  4. Thank you, Amy! I’ve found some great info on this site! Particularly relevant since I believe I was just “glutened” or “glutenized” this past week (read my post @ http://www.glutenfreesafari.com/).

    I was curious about the msg comment. I had always thought that msg was off-limits (glutamate). However, one hospital “allowed/not allowed” list recently placed it on “allowed” side. However, I’d avoid it on principal!

    Recently bumped into someone @ food blogger event who believes that vinegar is not GF. I know that balsamic vinegar w/caramel color might not be– depending on where produced — but had always thought that other vinegars ok: there’s white, red wine, apple cider.

    Any thoughts?

    Also, re this bleak portrait via tweets, above, do you know of research re what would better heal the gut, or actually cure celiac?

    Ah, yes, the main reason I wrote is, do you know of any statistic re the actual percentage of people (U.S./otherwise) who have gluten issues (allergy, intol, sensiv, celiac)?

    Food for thought.



  5. K.T.
    From what I gather this comment covers two posts. For reference’s sake, the part on msg and vinegar comes from a post: http://thesavvyceliac.com/2011/07/25/the-list-of-ingredients-people-think-have-gluten-but-really-dont/
    The rest of this comment is for this article.
    There was no mention of a cure for celiac on the horizon at this event (based on the tweets I saw). The best way of course is to adhere to a strict gluten free diet.
    As for your final question last I heard 20 Million people had some type of gluten sensitivity. There are approximately 3 million with celiac.


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