Review: Gluten Free Rice Krispies

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Gluten Free Rice Krispies

Well we finally got to try it…I found Gluten Free Rice Krispies while shopping for food in Charleston, South Carolina (they hadn’t appeared on our store shelves at my local store in Minnesota yet).  So I had to grab a box.

Emma’s used to eating sweet Cocoa Pebbles, so this box was her back-up, when she finished the Pebbles, it was off to the Rice Krispies.  Actually I got to them first on Thursday morning.

I thought the box was priced and sized competitively for a branded gluten-free item.  It is 12 ounces and I paid $4.15 in South Carolina (it appeared all of the cereals were more expensive down here though). I had figured months ago that the box would be much smaller and the price would be in that $4 area. In comparison, Erewhon and Barbara’s brands of brown rice cereals are 10 ounce boxes and range in that $4+ price range.  Although on Amazon right now Erewhon is on sale for $3.79 per box when you buy 6 boxes.

Back to the Gluten Free Rice Krispies — I opened the box and saw the fresh, brown rice cereal.  When I added the milk the “snap, crackle pop” of the original Rice Krispies was evident.  I added a little sugar too.

But when I bit in, I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would be.  I actually thought the texture ended up being more like a puffed rice than a crispy rice.  There wasn’t a whole lot of flavor either.  I realize Rice Krispies in general are very plain, but I thought it was REALLY plain.

I had a second bowl and put less milk in it which left some of the pieces crunchy for me.  So maybe that’s the tip – less milk, more crisp.

Emma, my gluten free girl, woke up a few hours later to try them.  She said they were “good, loud but good”.  She says she still likes
Cocoa Pebbles better but this is a good back up for her.

I still look forward to trying it for Rice Krispie Bars.  I am curious what you think!  Feel free to comment on your recent trial of the Gluten Free Rice Krispies.

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12 Responses to “Review: Gluten Free Rice Krispies”

  1. I am dumb founded that removing malt changes the cereal that much! Can’t wait to hear about the Krispy Treats!

  2. I just bought these as well and think they are very boring, and even have the texture of styrofoam! Like the popcorn you put in your packing boxes for fragile items. Sad.

  3. I totally agree. No taste, and had a “stale” texture to me. However, they were very good in Krispy treats. I will keep a box around just for that purpose, not as my morning cereal.

  4. I bought the GF Rice Krispies after reading this post and I’m happy to report, 2 of my 3 celiac kids love them! I’m not a big cereal eater so I haven’t tried them. 😉 The good news is that at our Walmart here in mid-Missouri has them for $3.12 and the box is 12 oz; I do wish they would make a “family-size” as we have a family of 6. Also, I’ve tried them for Rice Krispies treats & they were delicious!

  5. My wife brought them home last night – I was as giddy as a schoolchild – and ate them for breakfast. Verdict: totally underwhelming; I echo the comments above, if this is the best Kelloggs has to offer we Celiacs are doomed, DOOMED!

  6. I got these for my 14 month old son who is allergic to wheat, malt, barley, etc. And he LOVES these!! He is also allergic to dairy, beef, and oats…so any new food idea is welcome, because being creative with his meals is a challenge! Thanks Kellogs! I hope they come out with more GF products soon 🙂

  7. Has anyone had trouble with GF Rice Krispies? I have a wheat allergy-made scotch-o-roos, ate 2, became short of breath and got crushing chest pain. I see the box says “Gluten Free” but not “Certified GF”.

    As a cereal, I thought the same as your previous reviews. Disappointing for a Kellogg’s product and I wonder about cross contamination.

  8. @wheatless in Mn. I was wondering the same thing. I ate 2 bowls of it and now have bad stomach pain/cramps and DH had broke out all over my hands. Seems they may have a cross contamination problem. Anybody else have problems?

  9. I just had 2 bowls of the new gluten free Rice Krispies and am feeling sluggish and nautrous. I very well think there may be a cross contamination issue. Very dissapointing!

  10. I ate a couple of bowls of the Kellogg’s GF Rice Krispies this past weekend for the first time and felt incredibly sick (very nauteous, headache, exhausted, etc) the rest of the day. I ate nothing else that morning that could have possibly had gluten, so I’m certain it must have been the Rice Krispies. Given that the ingredients are safe, it must be a cross contamination issue. I’ve read elsewhere that they produce these in a GF facility, but I can’t imagine that my reaction would be this strong if so!

  11. The announcement of GF Rice Krispies made me want to try these ASAP. “Underwhelmed” is what someone about stated about GF Rice Krispies and I totally agree!There was a nasty after-taste and I had to chew a lot to be able to swallow these. Big disappointment!!

  12. How do I find out if any stores carry these! What is the best way besides going to each store! And if no one does how do I get them to carry it!

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